THE fans queueing up to buy their season tickets, the signing of big name targets and the first pre-season game.

It's what I, as a football fan have always loved in the build-up to a season - and one that is only a few weeks away.

I can't wait for the first game at home to Yeovil and by the response we've had for season tickets, neither can the Wrexham fans too.

To see crowds of football fans, first queueing up for the new shirts and then for the season tickets, it's what football's all about.

They would have had plenty to talk about when they were lining up outside the Centenary Club on Monday especially after the signing of Paul Mullin.

I'll give you a little insight into how the move came about because these things do take time; they don't just happen overnight.

So many factors go into trying to bring in a new player but once we knew Paul Mullin was available, we made him our number one target.

Phil Parkinson started the process and contacted Paul to sell him the vision of what we want to achieve at the club.

Then we started to talk to Paul's representatives about contracts and terms.

I've heard a few wild rumours about what we're paying him but the most important part of the talks was that Paul wanted to come here and if you've read his interviews since, you can see that he's excited by the project here and our vision for the future.

And when you have a co-chairman like Rob ringing him up to say how much we want Paul Mullin to be part of our exciting future, it really does help.

Rob is so passionate about making not just this season but the following years a success at this football club.

That man could talk the hind legs off a donkey and still convince him he'd be fine with two!!

That enthusiasm has persuaded the likes of Phil Parkinson, Fleur Robinson, Shaun Harvey and Les Reed to move down the football pyramid to be part of what we are trying to achieve here at Wrexham.

And now he's added Paul Mullin - a striker who scored 32 goals for Cambridge last season - to that list.

Fans will be excited to see if Paul can repeat what he did last season when he pulls on a red shirt for the first time.

And hopefully his goals will catapult us to promotion this season.

It was good for all the players to get their first friendly run-out at Burnley yesterday and I know there will be lots of Wrexham fans heading to Tamworth on Saturday to see their team in action.

The latest signing is another great one for the club and we're pleased with the ongoing progress with player recruitment.

The resources we have, in terms of our connections within the game and the playing budget that we have mean that we are confident that all the players we bring in fit our remit: 'let's get out of this league'.

Still on the recruitment line and the club are looking for a whole range of new staff for the season.

It's been a long time since our last home game, so some of our matchday staff have retired, others have become captains of industry elsewhere.

We're looking for stewards, concourse staff, some to work in hospitality and if you head to our official club website, you will find all the details you need.

As for the first game of the season, we're still working closely with all the authorities about what our capacity will be.

We have to be sensibly cautious regarding the Covid guidelines and restrictions and we'll have more information before the August 21 start date.

By that time we hope all the season tickets have been snapped up. We were disappointed by the issues current season ticket holders encountered when trying to renew online, but we are delighted that that has now been resolved and by the rush of sales over the last few days. Next comes the window for application for general sale season tickets, on August 4.

Let's hope it's a ticket to success this season!