A FAMILY of Wrexham AFC supporters have shared a photo of them wearing the club's new TikTok sponsored shirt.

Eoghan O'Donnell has been a Wrexham fan for 27 years and has a collection of more than 20 shirts.

In recent years, he and his son Eoghan Jnr daughter Doireann have taken a photograph of themselves wearing the latest home shirt at their home in Wicklow County in Ireland.

Eoghan said: "I’ve been supporting Wrexham for 27 years now!

"There is no real crazy story behind it. I think it's probably because of the Celtic nation connection to an English league. Obviously come 1992 I was hooked.

"The first game I went to I was in 18/19 when drew 1-1 with Plymouth 1-1. I stood in the Kop - the place was rocking.

"I try to get over once a season. Tranmere was the last game I got to/

"I’ve a grand collection at this stage. 20 plus jerseys. Wife loves me!!

The old Wrexham larger ones I think are my favourites. I’ve the yellow one which I really like. Bit this new jersey is pretty sweet."

The new TikTok-sponsored home shirts have been flying out of he club shop at The Racecourse. Many have gone to fans in Wrexham and the surrounding area, but others have been sent to supporters overseas.

On the day of the launch, the Leader met Linda Massey who was buying a shirt to send to her son in Australia.

Are you an overseas fan who has bought a Wrexham shirt? We'd love to see a photo!