EACH week, at the moment, brings changes thick and fast at Wrexham AFC.

The pitch has now been relaid, construction work is underway under the WrexRent Stand and new equipment is on its way to the groundsmen, Paul and Iwan.

Probably of most pressing interest to the readers of this column, however, are the changes that are coming to the footballing staff.

I have only worked in football for just five short months and well remember the excitement of Summer's spent, as a fan, scouring the football gossip websites for the latest hints, rumours and speculation regarding squad strengthening and managerial appointments and the suchlike.

We were delighted to welcome some new faces to the Wrexham fold, this past week.

Firstly our two new players, Shaun Brisley and Liam McAlinden, who come to us with impressive League football pedigrees and an appreciable excitement to join us on the great journey we are looking to begin this season.

A commanding centre-back and a direct, creative wide forward, both players were identified by the management team as excellent additions to the squad and the club moved swiftly to bring them into the fold.

Both players spoke of Phil's persuasive vision for the club this season, which I think speaks what an attractive proposition playing for Wrexham now is for players from higher up the leagues.

The club continues to work on identifying and securing further targets as we look to build a National League-escaping squad. I don't think it will shock anyone to read there are a few more coming in, over the next few weeks!

We were also joined this week by Lee Butler, who comes in as goalkeeping coach, having served in the same role under Phil at Sunderland, Bolton Wanderers and Bradford.

Lee's appointment continues the club's approach of bringing in experienced back room staff to support the manager and obviously, the trio of Phil, Steve Parkin and Lee have all worked very well together in the past.

This is all part of the 'holistic' approach to developing the club that I have mentioned in this column before. Our plan is improve all aspects of the club's football operation, both on the pitch, but also in the way in which we support on field activity.

On Tuesday evening the club's Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans, Fleur Robinson and I took part in a Zoom meeting with the committee of the Wrexham Disabled Supporters Association to appraise them of the work that is being undertaken this off-season to improve the lot of our disabled fans.

It was a very jovial occasion and pointed to a very positive future for the relationship between the two organisations.

The club's plans for a second disabled supporters' viewing platform were presented, discussed and supported by the DSA and we are delighted that we will be able to present more opportunities to come to games for disabled fans in the future.

In turn, the DSA very kindly offered funds to deliver more braille signage in the stadium and a defibrillator for the club's usage, which we very much welcome.

Finally, we were delighted to hear the First Minister's plans for easing Covid restrictions on Wednesday. It certainly brings us that much closer to a full house at the Racecourse, which for all of us feels like Nirvana after the last year and a half.

Roll on the 21st!