WREXHAM'S Chief Executive Fleur Robinson has penned an open letter to Reds' supporters on the official club website.

Robinson took up her role at The Racecourse on June 1 following a long spell with Burton Albion.

She wrote: "To all Wrexham AFC supporters, staff and volunteers,

"I’ve been the CEO of Wrexham AFC for two weeks now and just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome.

"By spending time with people around the club over the past few days I have been reminded why I wanted to be part of this exciting journey. Put simply, I agree wholeheartedly with the co-Chairmen, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, that there is immense potential here and that the rightful place for this club and town is in the EFL.

"In my previous role I’ve seen first-hand the impact that the journey from the National League to the EFL can have on a town and community, so I want to play a part in making that happen here.

"Naturally, I have arrived at a time when there is some disappointment around after narrowly missing out on the play-offs. And this has led us into a period of transition on-the-field to match the positive changes that have been happening around the club this year.

"But, with a fresh pair of eyes, I am able to see that everyone associated with Wrexham AFC should be proud of what has been achieved in the 20/21 season. There have been some gutsy wins, new community investments (including the women’s football initiative), architects commissioned to improve the fan experience at The Racecourse Ground, upgrades to the online fan experience (including the streaming service), along with the addition of commercial partners such as Aviation Gin.

"The new management team, led by Humphrey, along with stalwart volunteers and members of staff deserve enormous credit. And I’m also very conscious that those who have shown dedicated service to the club for many years have created the conditions for this progress.

"It is striking to see the faith that the fans have put in the RR McReynolds regime. This unity between the fans and the club is the most important building-block in the foundations that have been laid so far for the mission.

"Together, I believe we will achieve our goal of EFL football by moving one step at a time, and we now have so much to look forward to in the months ahead.

"On the field we will see a refreshed management team and playing squad that will soon be cheered on in person as grounds safely open for supporters again in the 21/22 season. While, alongside this there will be new commercial partners joining us, ever-deepening relationships nurtured with our loyal local partners, and more investments in community initiatives.

"My focus now is to spend time with people at the club, in the town, and the community to understand how I can help Wrexham AFC fulfil its potential and have a sustainable future in the EFL. Thank you for everything you contribute to Wrexham AFC and I look forward to meeting you soon."