DEAN KEATES is disappointed supporters won't be allowed back at the Racecourse for Wrexham's final two home games of the season but the Reds' boss won't let the decision effect his side's promotion challenge.

The National League has outlined plans for the return of spectators before the end of the campaign but Wrexham, guided by the Welsh Government, have confirmed no fans will be admitted to the match against Notts County on Tuesday.

The club said it is "unlikely" supporters will be able to attend the final home fixture on Saturday May 22 against King’s Lynn Town either.

Keates would love to have fans in attendance but he remains focussed on the Reds' quest for a play-off spot with just four fixtures remaining.

"You would like to think that we could have got fans in there but I am talking about something that we can't control," said Keates.

"It has not been put to us as an option and we have not been given the chance to try and get fans back in.

"It would have been nice to have the fans back at our games.

"Am I too disappointed? No, because we have always planned as if it wasn't going to be an option.

"It is something I can't be distracted by."

Wrexham's final game of the regular season is away at Dagenham and Redbridge on Saturday May 29 but only home supporters will be admitted.

The Reds played two away matches in December at Torquay and Weymouth where only home fans were in the stands and Keates says having supporters present can make difference.

"It would have made a difference for us having fans back in," said Keates.

"Going back to the game at Torquay, then had 900 fans and there is no doubt those fans played a part in them getting a penalty because we have seen penalties for more not given this season."

With Championship and Football League play-off matches involving south Walian teams selected as pilot events, Keates hopes Wrexham will also be chosen if they clinch a top-seven finish and end fourth or fifth to guarantee a home eliminator tie.

"We are not looking past these four games so on my side, I can't be too down or too disappointed," said Keates.

"There could be that possibility in the play-offs and if we get a home game, it is something that you would grab with open arms if it is an option for us.

"It is all ifs and buts but if we were in that position that we want to be in, that we will be working hard to be in, it would be gratefully received.

"As it stands at the moment, we have only got one guarantee and that is we have got four games but if we can prolong the season and go beyond that, all these ifs, buts and maybes could become possibilities.

"And how many fans we could get back in we would receive with great pleasure."