WE are arriving at the business end of the season. Every game and every point is vital. There are a lot of teams scrambling for those last few playoff spots.

We have got to be at our best in the coming weeks to ensure that we lay claim to our playoff spot and then put it to the best use.

We just have to keep fighting, that is always the way.

I am missing Wrexham.

I am currently back in Los Angeles and will be returning to Wrexham in mid-May, and am looking forward to being there for the run-in and being around for what will hopefully be a satisfying end to the season.

Whatever happens on the pitch, we have a busy summer ahead of us and I am looking forward to working with Fleur Robinson and Shaun Harvey to get us ready for next season and the challenges that lie ahead.

A little bird has told me that Mark Drakeford made reference to my column sometime last week.

The First Minister of Wales was in Wrexham recently and I heard that he mentioned my column in some way when he was visiting.

I am delighted it is being read in the corridors of power.

I have printed out and mailed one to the White House so we will see if Joe Biden takes any notice and if the President wants to weigh-in on our play-off prospects!

We at the club are delighted to finally take receipt of some more stock of Aviation Gin and dispatch orders to people that have been quite rightly getting very annoyed by not having received it before now.

It has been a frustrating experience for many fans who have had to wait a long time for orders that were made some months ago.

It has been a learning experience for the club and I can say that we were also tearing our hair out as we tracked the shipment while it spent two months in Rotterdam due to Brexit complications.

We will be endeavouring to avoid similar situations in the future!

We are going to extend the end of our Academy teams season because they have spent So little time being able to train and play this year.

We are going to extend the season to the end of May. Ordinarily it would finish early May but we want to give them the best chance of rolling into next season successfully so we are bringing them back in for a longer period.

It has been a very tough year for our youth program, as they have been hit hardest by playing and training restrictions. We look forward to getting them back to where they need to be.

All our plans for next season are continuing apace so that we can be as prepared as we can be for the start of next season, whatever league we are in, and for having fans back in the stadium whenever that may be.

We are continuing our work apace at constituting our Club Advisory Board.

We have been talking to various fans' organisations to start to work out exactly who we will have on the Board, and precisely what its purpose is.

We have been really delighted with the response we have had so far from the various groups we have spoken to.

Up The Reds.