IT has been a very difficult week for the club. Losing Kwame Thomas to long term injury and then having two disappointing defeats to playoff rivals made it a few days to forget.

It felt like we did more than enough to win both games but then got sucker-punched. And we lost Jordan Ponticelli for an extended period as well. It never rains but it pours. And, occasionally, snows

That is the way that football goes though, sometimes; you are riding high, on a great run and then the Footballing Gods decide to kick you in the pants and push you into some nettles.

The upside is, it is still in our hands. Our objectives haven't changed. We just have to win our games, keep fighting hard for each other and do everything in our power to make the play-offs.

Once you are there then you give yourself a chance to do something special this season which we still think is a possibility.

Looking towards the end of the season, we have spoken to the Welsh government about trying to assist them with any pilot scheme to bring fans back into stadiums.

We have targeted our last home game of the regular season on Saturday May 22 against Kings Lynn.

If the Welsh government is going to pilot fans back in, we have asked the question whether they would like to come and do it at The Racecourse, and we will facilitate it in any way we can.

It would definitely be a reduced capacity, but should help establish the feasibility of bringing fans into the Racecourse safely. We want packed houses next season and anything we can do to help prepare for that eventuality is a must.

Hopefully we can help to get fans back into stadia or other large gatherings in Wales and it would be great if we could have fans back in for that last game of the regular season, and possibly a play-off run.

Hopefully they'll be polishing the seats at Wembley in anticipation of Wrexham fans coming to town!

We are delighted by the response to us announcing some of the first money can't buy exclusive opportunities that come along with club membership.

We have had about 9,000 people sign up so far which is fantastic and speaks well for the future of the club.

Some of those people are from all around the world which shows the burgeoning global appeal of Wrexham AFC.

We are also hoping, this week, for confirmation from the FA of Wales and Welsh government that our women's team can return to training in early May.

We are looking for them to play a few friendlies as well so they can get ready for next season because they have gone a whole year without playing.

Something that our owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds take very seriously is the elevation and improvement of our women's team. The sooner we can get back into action, the sooner we can be ready for next season.

Huge game against Stockport on Saturday. Up the Reds.