WE have had a fantastic response to our new membership scheme which was only launched last Friday.

Just under 5,000 people had already signed up on Sunday which is a terrific response in such a short amount of time.

So far, it has only really been advertised here in the Leader, via the club’s social media and the LED boards.

We are interested to see what happens as and when we start to kind of push it to a wider audience, and people who might be new to the Wrexham journey, so we are looking forward to bringing in many new fans from all over the world.

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I was absolutely delighted with the result on Saturday. After a long layoff, there is always the concern that a bit of rustiness might creep in, but the lads had put the break to good use, rather than sitting around eating a lot of crisps and playing on their playstations like I do when I get a week off.

It was one of the most complete performances of the season against tough opposition and it was great to see Jordan Davies get his first goal for his hometown club. Hopefully, it is the first of many, but I’m sure he’ll always treasure that one.

Dior Angus’ two goals were things of beauty, as well. Great build-up play and good to see a plan come together for both of the goals.

I presume Dior has already sent a couple of big Easter eggs to Tyler and Kwame.

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Good to get a win on the debut of the new LED advertising boards and we are delighted with the response to them.

We have seen stories in the national press in America and on CNN. Anything that puts Wrexham’s name out-and-about is good for us, providing it is for the right reasons!

It obviously presents us with incredible commercial opportunities going forward so all in all we are really thrilled with it.

The future of the club as a self-sustaining entity is made so much easier by having the boards in place, and their installation is just a sign of the club’s ambition moving forward.

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We are currently investigating the possibility of becoming the first football club in Wales to have a powerchair football team.

Powerchair Football is a rapidly growing sport with dozens of clubs across the UK and leagues and cup competitions at local, national and international levels.

It is something that we are really excited about because it fits so well with our mission statement which is to combine football and the community, and we think that is a great way of doing it.

With having St Christopher’s School in town, it gives us a fantastic pool of players to draw from and the the powerchair football authorities that we have had contact with, via our Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans, have been incredibly helpful.

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s game at Notts County. It is a big game between two of the oldest clubs in the professional game as we lock horns with them again. Up the Town!