DEAN KEATES admits it is inevitable that Wrexham will lose three points when the final National League is calculated because of Dover’s reluctance to complete the season but the Reds’ boss won’t cry over spilt milt.

Wrexham are not in action tomorrow because scheduled hosts Dover have said they won’t play another game due to a lack of funding to help clubs during the coronavirus pandemic.

The teams met at The Racecourse on January 16 with Wrexham running out 3-1 winners and Keates expects his side to forfeit those points.

There is a double whammy for the Reds as play-off rivals Notts County and Eastleigh were both beaten by Dover and won’t lose any points.

But with Wrexham sitting fourth in the table after losing just once in 13 outings, Keates is just focussed on his side continuing their impressive run of form when they host Bromley next Saturday.

“It will be interesting so see what happens with Dover’s situation,” said Keates.

“When you look back over time when it has happened to teams, it seems to be the protocol that teams lose the points they picked up against them previously.

“If that is what the league decides, it is unfortunate.

“Yes there is a concern because we are up in the top end of the table and we are going to get caught if they do deduct the points and say that Dover’s fixtures don’t exist.

“That is beyond our control so we just concentrate on what we can control, and what will be, will be on that side.

“As disappointed as we will be, we have just got to get on with it.

“We will just go about our business and prepare ourselves for the next game.”

Wrexham have 14 matches remaining in their quest for promotion.

Although some of their rivals for a top-seven berth have games in hand, Keates is happy with the position that the Reds find themselves in.

“Full credit to the lads, the performances have been consistent and we are in a good place but it has to continue,” said Keates.

“We just look at the next game and make sure we go out there to do the best for the football club, and get maximum points.

“We are coming into the business end of the season in a position where we are on track with our games.

“Yes, teams need to play catch-up but it will get to a point where they might have to play three or four times a week.

“We are fortunate to have points on the board and if teams have got to play each other, there will be points dropped.

“All we are concerned about is our next game and getting maximum points if we can.”

Eight of those final 14 matches are at The Racecourse and Keates added: “That is something good for us.

“We have got a batch of home games now against teams around us.

“We are in a good place and we need to make sure it continues.”