DEAN KEATES says "it doesn't make sense" after being told by referee Louis Smith why he was red carded following a pitch-side brawl towards the end of Tuesday's 2-2 draw against Eastleigh at The Racecourse.

Players and staff from both teams were involved in the altercation after Reds' boss Keates and Eastleigh striker Ben House squared up to each other.

Keates and Spitfires assistant manager Jason Bristow were sent off, but none of the players were carded in the incident.

And after speaking with official Smith, Keates was told he was shown a card for delaying a throw-in - which was Wrexham's!

"It was a red card for delaying a throw-in - my own throw-in," said Keates.

"It is our throw so I have been given a red card for delaying a throw-in!

"Their player comes and picks the ball off (Reds assistant manager) Andy Davies, I grab the ball off their player and then all hell breaks loose.

"Their player instigates it all and that is the melee, but I get the red card.

"I have watched it back, I have done nothing wrong and as the referee said to me after the game, I have given you the red card for delaying the throw-in, and it is our throw-in, so it doesn't make sense."

Keates would not comment on whether he thought House should have been given his marching orders but the Wrexham manager, who saw his side twice come from behind to draw with 10 men after Fiacre Kelleher was shown a second yellow card early in the second half, is expecting the Football Association to take action.

"If you have seen it, we have all seen it, I am not going to come in and say a player should get this and should get that," added Keates.

"The referee is telling me he is going to report it to the FA, we will see what comes on the back end of it."