HUMPHREY KER revealed a shortlist of three candidates has been drawn up for the position of chief executive at The Racecourse.

Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds want to hire a proven CEO to run Wrexham FC in their absence.

British comedian and writer Ker, who has been made executive director, is closing in on an appointment.

"We have got a shortlist of three candidates, all of whom are very experienced at differing levels of football and in some differing roles within the game but all of whom we think are very well qualified to do the job here," said Ker.

"We will be conducting the final round of interviews this week; then we have to negotiate with them how they want to do things, their salary, notice and all that kind of thing, and then hopefully we will have them in position in the not so distant future.

"Up until then, we are very fortunate with the advisors that we do have but as soon as we can get somebody in place the better and they can start building things."

While Ker has been the actors' 'man on the ground', he also has two trusted advisors in the shape of Peter Moore and Shaun Harvey.

Moore, who completed a three-year stint as CEO of Liverpool Football Club in August, was once a teacher at Ysgol Dinas Bran, Llangollen, and is honourary president of Gresford Athletic who he played for during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as being a Wrexham supporter.

Harvey is a former football executive who has held high profile roles and Kerr says the pair have a lot to offer Wrexham.

"Shaun has done just about every job going," said Ker. "Club secretary at Scarborough and CEO at Bradford and Leeds, and the EFL.

"He has incredible encyclopedic knowledge of the game and particularly the executive side of the game, and his roller decks of people that we have been able to draw on has been fantastic.

"Peter is another person who is a huge asset to us.

"Unfortunately he is not here (because he lives in America) but he brings us a fantastic different skill set as far as he is a local boy and a fan of the club.

"That kind of understanding of the fabric of the club and the town is really huge for us."

Cost played a big part in previous owners Wrexham Supporters Trust's decision not to employ a chief executive during the latter years that they were in control but filling the role following a high profile takeover won't be a problem.

"It is easier for us to find someone and persuade someone to come and join this project," said Ker.

"This is a footballing project with great prospects so we think it is attractive to people.

"We just have the resources; I am sure that the WST would love to have had a CEO in place in the past but it is a role that needs to justify itself."

Reynolds and McElhenney have already invested £2million and their funding will also help Wrexham, the only National League club excluded from the Sports Winter Survival Package because the Reds are in Wales, get through the coronavirus pandemic

"Us joining this project at this time has allayed concerns about coronavirus and lack of funding for the rest of the National League season," said Ker.

"It would have been a very difficult period for the club so the recruitment of a CEO is something that we feel very privileged to be able to do, and we are very excited by the calibre of candidates we have to choose from."