DEAN KEATES believes the National League campaign will continue but the Reds' boss admits some teams could go into games with threadbare squads so they complete fixtures.

Two positive coronavirus cases in The Racecourse ranks means Saturday's home match with Woking and Tuesday's trip to Eastleigh have been postponed.

The National League has seen matches called off regularly this term because of the pandemic which forced the 2019-20 season to come to an early end.

Dover - Wrexham's next scheduled opponents on Saturday January 16 - have only played 10 matches, seven less than some of their rivals.

When asked whether he was concerned about the current campaign being completed, Keates said: "I didn't but the possibility is there in the back of your mind.

"I think it will carry on but it may get to a point where it depends on how many players you have got available. Can you fulfill a fixture?

"Even if it is just turning up with 13 or 14 players, I think it might get to something like that in the end.

"Whether that is the way ahead, I don't know.

"The powers-that-be above us make the decisions and we just have to adhere to them.

"As a football club, we have followed every protocol that has been in place and I trust the players when they are away from the stadium."

West Brom boss Sam Alardyce has called for a temporary halt to the Premier League season to act as a “circuit break” but Keates is not certain whether that would make a difference.

"Does the firebreak guarantee it's going to work? We just don't know," Keates added.

"We've done national lockdowns, smaller firebreaks in different countries within the UK. Have they worked? No, so are there any guarantees that it's going to work?

"If we tried it and we went for two or three weeks, the season would need to be extended on the back end of that."

If the campaign was extended, the play-offs - scheduled for June - would have to be put back and that would mean the final may not be able to be played at Wembley.

But Keates says it is a compromise that would have to be made.

"What you are looking at is the play-off fixture dates and ultimately the play-off final date scheduled in at Wembley. Does all that need moving around?" added Keates.

"Does it look like we are going to get fans back by the end of this season? It is highly unlikely.

"I was fortunate enough to play at Wembley and it is an amazing opportunity for players to go and enjoy that.

"Is it one of those where they pull the final away from Wembley and find a neutral ground in the middle of the country? You look at the likes of maybe West Brom or Aston Villa.

"Can the National League go and sort out something, and extend the season?"