NEWS that Peter Moore will work as an adviser at Wrexham has gone down well with Reds' supporters.

Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds will become the new owners of Wrexham Football Club and the actors told fans during a recent zoom meeting that hiring a proven chief executive to run the club in their absence is key to their plans for success.

Although Moore, who completed a three-year stint as CEO of Liverpool Football Club in August, will not fill the position, the businessman has revealed that he will "help as an advisor" when McElhenney and Reynolds complete their takeover at The Racecourse.

Moore tweeted: "I marveled at Albert Kinsey’s nose for goal, idolized the brick wall that was Eddie May, was in awe of the midfield ace Arfon Griffiths, and reveled in the 100% commitment of Joey Jones. Delighted to be able to help @RMcElhenney and @VancityReynolds get @Wrexham_AFC back again.

"I’ll provide help as an advisor to the club that gave me so many great moments in the historic seasons of the 70’s, and to the community in which I lived before leaving for the US...not be as an employee or in a full-time capacity, but just as someone that wants to give back."

Here's how fans reacted to the news.

ALAN JONES: "Can only be good for the club having someone of his knowledge of football to ask advice."

RICH: "His experience and contacts can only be a good thing for the club, and town."

SUPERSUB: "Very positive, hopefully he’ll get a seat on the board. His commercial experience alone would be massive in generating income."

DEJA: "It must be seen as a positive, however the ceo in charge is going to have to be of a character who will not feel undermined and as also as a positive that they can learn from Peter Moore and gain experience. Hopefully we will employ a DOF too."

DAVID MCMAHON: "We have part time training staff ... it doesn’t work. Take his connections all day long but surprised that R&R have thought this one through for continuity? Surely we need full time staff focussing on getting us out of this league?"


JAMES MULLEN: "If we were to appoint someone to oversee future acquisitions and major club decisions, surely he’s the best person in world football? Peter has just overseen 2 champions league finals- 1 win and a historical premier league victory. Mind blowing."

AYE BE RIGHT: "This is slowly becoming a vanity project for a bunch of wealthy, astute, well connected people, to make a documentary and wake a sleeping giant and I for one absolutely LOVE IT!! Winking face. Mon the global reds."

GORDON VALLANCE: "As promised a high profile ceo who has done it before cannot get much better than Liverpool."

GEORGE JONES: "Despite how great it would have been if he was a full time CEO, the fact that he’s involved in the club to oversee vital decisions is a big positive, and yet another huge step in the right direction for the club."

KEITH DAVIES: "Superb, gives R&R an experienced pair of eyes to oversea the steady rise of the good ship Wrexham!"

A WELSHMAN ABROAD: "Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant."

SEAN PRINCE: "Unbelievable coup for the town. Can’t wait for January to see what type of players we can attract."

ANDREW EVANS: "It isn’t about the appointment, to me it is about the process that the new owners are going through. Putting pieces in place to move forward, the first piece is of course extremely exciting. They have been nothing but professional so far and it bodes well for the future."

WARREN BARTON: "His knowledge and contacts alone makes this very fascinating, just hope they have a ceo lined up with the perfect track record to take the club on and off the field to greater heights."

DR PAUL MAGGS: "Done it with liverpool, Reebok, sega and Microsoft. Made liverpool a better running ship in 3yrs. Hopefully works his magic on wrexham."