ANDY MORRELL has described the takeover by two Hollywood stars as an "unbelievable opportunity" for Wrexham Football Club.

Wrexham Supporters Trust members have voted in favour of actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney becoming new owners at The Racecourse.

Should the takeover go through, the duo will immediately invest £2 million in the club and Morrell admits it was an opportunity fans could not turn down.

"When it first got mentioned that it was a possibility, I was a bit sceptical to say the least because you have heard it all before," said Morrell, a former player and manager at the north Wales club.

"It has come to fruition and they seem very serious as it has gone on.

"There comes a time where you have got to grasp the opportunity and see where it runs to.

"It is an unbelievable opportunity."

Morrell was manager when Wrexham Supporters Trust officially became the new owners of the club in December 2011 following a long period of financial problems.

The Reds' financial position improved under Trust ownership and Morrell praised the work done to stabilise the club.

"It was car crash and it was all over the place," said Morrell.

"To be fair to the fans and the Trust, they really have stabilised it.

"There have been a lot of question marks over them and how they have run it but the main thing is they have had a club, and they have still got the ground to some degree.

"Yes, they haven't had the huge funds that you need to get out of this league but they have got a football club and a well run one at that.

"This opportunity that has arisen comes off the back of the stability that they have provided.

"People who want to take over a club look at a club that is well run and go 'we can take that forward', and I think that is what these two have seen and why they have got involved."

While Reynolds and McElhenney can inject cash that would help Wrexham, currently spending a 13th season in non-league, finally realise their promotion dream, Morrell is cautious and wouldn't make immediate wholesale changes to Dean Keates' squad.

"You have got to be really careful that you don't try and run before you can walk if you like," said Morrell.

"They have got a really good squad at the moment.

"I know results haven't been fantastic but the squad on paper is a decent one and if he can add a little bit more quality to that, then I think they will be alright.

"If you go out splashing the cash now, I worry, but they have got money behind them and they will be able to fund the squad properly which sounds amazing.

"It looks like they are really going to be able to compete and hopefully they can get out of this league."

However, Morrell knows having extra investment could be crucial to Wrexham finally returning to the Football League for the first time since 2008.

And when asked how far the Reds could go under Reynolds and McElhenney, he added: "Once you get a little bit of momentum, who knows, and especially when you have the backing.

"I remember getting a bit of a backlash when I was manager and I said: 'we haven't got that one person who will go, there's £100,000, go and get yourself a striker to get us over the line'.

"I got a little bit of a telling to, that is not what we are like, and I understood it completely. I was on the board's side. There was a pot and we couldn't go over that amount.

"But now there is somebody that might well back you to get that one player that might just tip the balance in your favour which is really key at crucial times of the season."