DEAN KEATES is focussed on the job in hand and does not expect to speak to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney until the Hollywood megastars have completed their takeover of Wrexham Football Club.

Trust members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the actors, who plan to immediately invest £2 million, becoming new owners at The Racecourse.

Keates welcomed the news and says it is a huge boost for Reds' supporters as well as the town.

"It has gone to a vote and the fans have voted in mass numbers," said Keates.

"The club will transfer ownership over the next few weeks.

"It is exciting times, not just for the fans but for the whole town.

"The publicity will go through the roof globally regarding the town, the community and obviously the football club.

"It is great for everybody. It has given everybody a lift during uncertain times."

Keates revealed he has not yet spoken to Reynolds or McElhenney.

"As I have always said from day one, for us it has always been about concentrating on the football-side," said Keates.

"When the transfer happens, I imagine that is when I have my conversations."

Keates won't let his players be distracted by the takeover, with Wrexham looking to get back to winning ways with a win against Hartlepool at Victoria Park tonight.

"I said in pre-season when it first got announced, we have to go about dealing with our business as we do," said Keates.

"We can't get distracted from what our game is about and what we are here to do, and achieve for the football club.

"What goes on above us is separate from what we need to deal with."

Keates explained why there won't be an influx of new signings before the turn of the year.

"The massive thing that everybody needs to realise is that we are the only club in the National League who operate under the transfer window," said Keates.

"The only way we can add to the squad is if someone is out of contract but we can't do loans or we can't do permanent signings until January.

"I don't want the fans to think there will be mass additions over the next few weeks."

Although Keates will have money to spend when the January transfer window opens, he says any fresh faces must be right for the club.

The Reds’ boss revamped the squad over the summer ahead of the club’s 13th season in non-league and he will still adopt the same recruitment policy when the famous actors become owners.

"Nothing changes on the recruitment side," added Keates.

"You have to make sure it is the right personalities that come into the culture of the football club.

"You can't go around investing money in the wrong kind of characters because if it is not the right kind of personality, it can bring everything down around them."