RYAN REYNOLDS and Rob McElhenney's takeover of Wrexham Football Club is understandably all anyone is talking about.

And that includes Wrexham players of the past as the excitement levels increased after a decision to hand over the club to the Hollywood stars was reached.

Gareth Owen: "Just when you think that these type of things will never happen to our club..Well done to everyone involved. Dreams do come true #hollywoodowners."

Lee Jones: "Fantastic news @Wrexham_AFC and congratulations to @VancityReynolds @RMcElhenney you have just taken control of a great club with fans that will more than match your passion. Finally the club can now be taken forward to where it belongs."

Waynne Phillips: "Fantastic news this could be some journey."

Robbie Savage: "Looking forward to a friendly."

Mark Creighton: "It’s a new dawn

"It’s a new day

"It’s a new liiiiiiiife, for Wrexham AFC

and we’re feeeeeeeliiing gooooood."

Martin Riley: "Good luck to you all! I wish you all the success you deserve."

Scott Quigley: "Congratulations to the Wrexham faithful on the big news. Surely the turning point for the club that was needed and very much overdue. All the very best for the future."

Kemy Agustien: "Even tho it wasn’t a success for me there I hope they can get some stability there and crack on."

Jamie Reed: "This is class! Really looking forward to seeing how this goes!"

Bradley Reid: "What a day!!"

George Harry: "What an opportunity to take the club where it belongs, good luck!! @Wrexham_AFC."

And even North Wales Crusaders chief executive Andy Moulsdale was delighted with the news.

He said: "Hope the guy likes Rugby league. Great for Wrexham this!"