THE proposed takeover bid of Wrexham Football Club is gathering pace and Dean Keates says it will be interesting to see two Hollywood stars' vision for the future.

Wrexham Supporters Trust will hold a virtual meeting on Sunday where actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, who plan to invest £2m in the club if the takeover is approved, will give a presentation.

After outlining their vision for the club, voting takes places for more than 2,000 WST members from the following day until November 15 to decide the club's future.

"It will be interesting to see what their presentation is to our fans," said Keates.

"It will be interesting to see what their sales pitch is and what their vision is to take Wrexham forward.

"You cross bridges when you come to them.

"It has gone through a process and each step has been taken so with the next one, it will be interesting to see their vision of taking the club forward.

"They will put that to the fans and then the fans will vote on it."

Members have already voted overwhelmingly for talks to proceed and the takeover can only go ahead if at least 75 per cent of those who respond agree.

But while an Extraordinary Ballot is the next step in the process, Keates remains focussed on what happens on the pitch.

"We have just tried to concentrate on our business and go about the football side," said Keates.

"We are disappointed with a few of the games we have lost, what goes on above, below, to the side of that, we just go about our own business until the day that we get told things change.

"I would imagine one day very soon, we will know what the answer is going to be with the football club's future."