Robbie Savage claims he's Macclesfield's Z-lister compare to Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds, who wants to takeover the former Wales midfielder's home-town club.

Wrexham-born Savage has joined newly-formed Macclesfield FC's board and told BBC Sport: "I couldn't let Wrexham have all the limelight with Ryan Reynolds. They have an A-lister. We have a Z-lister."

Macclesfield-born businessman Robert Smethurst has set up the phoenix club with with Savage taking the head of football role.

"I was fortunate to play in the Premier League but I am also a grassroots volunteer," said Savage. "I am out there on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in the wet and cold to facilitate youngsters playing football.

"This club has to be self-sufficient. We want to facilitate the dreams of local boys and girls to play for Macclesfield. At the moment we don't even have an academy but Rob sold me the dream. I know lots of managers and hopefully we can provide opportunities for young players.

“The fans have been battered and bruised over the last few years, as I’m sure Jon (Smart, the former Silkmen Supporters Trust chairman) and Danny (Whitaker) will tell you, and to have the opportunity give the club back to the fans and this community is something I wanted to do and couldn’t turn down.

“Twenty-one years ago Macclesfield were playing against Manchester City at the same level of the Football League. I’m not saying we are going to reach the Premier League, win the title and bring some of the world’s greatest talents to Moss Rose.

“But the aim is to take Macclesfield FC through the leagues and restore pride among the loyal supporters. We are passionate about bringing football back to life in this town.

“The level we go at doesn’t really matter, it’s just about this club being here. Our key focus will be to bring the football club, the fans and the community together.”