SUPPORTERS weren't impressed with what they saw as Wrexham suffered a 1-0 home defeat to Maidenhead United on Monday.

The Reds would have gone joint top with victory but Dean Keates' side slipped to a second loss of the season as Maidenhead, who arrived at The Racecourse sitting bottom of the National League after losing their opening three matches, got off the mark.

The Magpies scored the only goal in the first half and although Wrexham created a number of chances after the break, they were unable to find an equaliser.

Inconsistent Wrexham have clinched two wins from their opening four games but fans still aren't convinced by the new-look Reds.

MARK RILEY: "Maidenhead were simply the better team with more heart and fighting spirit. After so many poor results, they did their manager proud. No good assuming Wrexham should have won simply because of Maidenhead's poor form! And Wrexham's poor finishing didn't help matters!"

KEVIN WHITE: "Lacked a cutting edge, individual errors cost us the game and hopefully the players who have been injured will comeback and give us something extra. I thought Luke Young was outstanding."

SPIRIT OF 78: "Harris was running on empty by the time he was hooked. Hopefully he'll be back for Sat. Jarvis and Yussef must start too."

OWAIN: "Players played out of position. Negative tactics from the off. Hoofball for the majority. Strikers cannot finish. Classic Keatesball."

JOHN MCLINTOCK: "I don’t believe in gut reactions so I’ve slept on it. Typical Keates style football. Team based on a “don’t lose” philosophy. I can’t see where the goals are going to come from. Roll on the takeover!"

BRIAN ROBERTS: "First half we looked disjointed, which you're bound to get with 11 new players, second half we played better, especially when the subs came on, it will take time for Keates to figure out his best team and formation, whether he will be given time is another thing."

BRETT GRIFFITHS: "Predictable, had chances but failed to take them. Shape and set up is worrying."

RICHARD FROOM: "We've been terrible in the final third since Louis Moult left, and it looks like this season will be no different."

JONA DEVITT: "We lost to a team who were below a team who don’t exist anymore and failed to score when they’re shipping 3.33 gpg. Blunt attack as ever and stubborn tactics. We can’t blame refs after 13 years it’s us!!"

DANIEL EDWARDS: "Embarrassing. Against a team not won in 8 i think and being at-home as well. Same old story, decent recruitment on paper but same woes in front of goal."

SIMON EDWARDS: "Predictable."

PETE JONES: "Early days, but playing players in there correct position would be a start moving forward, but not great last night."

ACH56: "Just use tweets from last season. Nothing has changed whilst Keates, Darlington and Davies are in charge. New set of players same dire style of football. The club, players and supporters deserve better than the Marx Bros."

MICHAEL DAVIES: "Go 1-0 under Keates = Guaranteed loss. The strikers should be embarrassed at those two headers too."

GARY JONES: "Same old play under Keates, teams shut us down to easily and we can’t score goals."

ROB JONES: "New season, same Wrexham. Manager turning decent players into bang average players. He’s got to go."

MARK FELSTEAD: "Too negative, too many long balls into tall defenders. Substitutions, why bring Jarvis on with only 5 mins left what he is supposed to do and why take Durrell off. So basically inept and clueless, a usual Keates & Darlington performance."

KEVIN TAYLOR: "Don't think u would be able to print most of it ..but putting it mildly ..Rubbish .

JAMES NICHOLSON: "As BT commentators indicated strikers fail to perform when they come to Wrexham. Further we get rid of them and they start scoring at their new clubs. We could sign Salah and you can guarantee he would lose the ability to score goals in a month. There is something fundamentally wrong at the heart of coaching etc."

PLASTICMAN: "On the occasions I have watched them, the team play as if they don't want to lose rather than wanting to win. The coaching staff are the main problem, they are unable to recognise and adapt tactics that will counter the opposition. Very poor manager and staff. Blaming players who obviously have been told to play a certain way is easy. The manager, he is the one who must take responsibility. Having said that, the board who reappointed him also have to take some responsibility."