CROWD-PLEASER Elliott Durrell can’t wait to have the Wrexham fans on the edge of their seats this season.

The attacking midfielder is back at The Racecourse for a a second stint and the 31-year-old wants to give the town’s success-starved supporters something to shout about.

“Having been here before, I know all about the club,” said Durrell, who has won the National League title with Macclesfield Town two years ago.

“The fans are probably the most passionate fans I have ever played for.

“If you can go to a club that has got stature as big as Wrexham, it is a no-brainer.”

Durrell only scored four goals in 30 Reds appearances in the 2014/15 season but he says he’s come back a better player.

He added: “Maybe because it didn’t work out as I would have liked last time, I want to come back and set the record straight.

“It would be great to be part of a successful Wrexham team that gets the club back to where it wants to be.”