WHO knows what the main talking points will be when Wrexham supporters zoom in for the club’s eagerly-anticipated Annual General Meeting tomorrow?

The Covid-19 lockdown has left football clubs all over the world in a state of flux - not knowing when seasons will start and end, whether fans will be allowed into the grounds and how much those supporters will have to pay to watch their team week in, week out.

Most of those questions still remain unanswered in a time when the Premier League has been played out and promotion and relegation issues sorted so everyone knows where - but not particularly when - they will kick off next season.

Some clubs lower down the non-league pecking order have already perished while National League stalwarts, Dover Athletic, have claimed they could fold by the end of the month.

Wrexham, despite losing £250,000 from missed gate-income following last season’s suspension, have got through these horrendous times.

But for how long can they can survive?

The fans’ patience has been tested to the absolute limit. They’ve had to sit through a 13-season non-league nightmare where managers - there’s been a few - and players - there’s been even more of them - have trotted out lame excuses like ‘Bromley’s a tough place to go’.

Some say they won’t go again but the majority will be back to give the Reds one more chance and dream that THIS will finally be the year!

But the days of bucket-rattling and pushing the begging bowls under our noses have gone.

People have lost their jobs, their livelihoods in this coronavirus crisis and like everyone else in the world, Wrexham Football Club will have to cut their cloth accordingly.

And money will feature significantly in tomorrow’s meeting where Trust members will have the chance to fire in questions.

And here’s some that might be worth listening to the answer.

Are the Wrexham Supporters Trust talking to potential outside investors?

Will manager Dean Keates have to downsize his first team squad?

And has all of the cash bonanza from the Danny Ward transfer now run out?

But would a change of ownership ultimately lead to a change in fortunes on and off the field for this flagging former Football League club?

They’ve tried everything on the field. Fifteen different managers have had their go at being the boss at Wrexham in the time they’ve been in non-league - and all have failed.

The Trust, like all those who run football clubs whether they are fans-owned or not, have come under fierce criticism.

Chairman Peter Jones has already announced he is standing down while the club last month asked fans whether they’d agree to external investment.

Jones fired some parting shots in his farewell speech but his final few words will ring true with a lot of those who have supported the club in the good times and bad.

“Wrexham fans have been absolutely fantastic in embracing the ethos of fan ownership,” said Jones.

“Yes, there are fans who do not share the views of the board, but that is the case whatever board is overseeing the running of any football club.

“Whatever your opinion, true fans of Wrexham AFC really do need to get behind Dean Keates and the team when we eventually start the new season.”

Wrexham fans, as they have done throughout the club’s history, will do exactly that.

All they want is to watch their team doing well, playing attractive, attacking football. As long as they got that every time they turned up at The Racecourse, they wouldn’t care two hoots who is in charge.

If there is anyone out there willing to wrestle control away from the supporters, you would have heard about it before now.

Maybe all will be revealed tomorrow....