DEAN KEATES believes installing a National League salary cap would make the division a "level playing field" - and then it is down to which club's recruitment is best in the quest for honours.

Twelve clubs in the fifth tier have announced proposals to introduce a £900,000 cap and it is something that Keates has welcomed.

Predecessor Bryan Hughes had a £1,256,900 playing budget last season, although Keates is expected to have a lower wage bill for the 2020-21 campaign as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

The cap figure is still being discussed but Keates is happy for Wrexham to operate under the same financial conditions as their fifth tier rivals if the proposal gets the go-ahead.

"It would be a good idea for me because then it comes down to a level playing field," said Keates.

"It is all about recruitment.

"When I was at Wrexham the first time, we did well and got ourselves into a position where we were challenging."

Transfer targets at Wrexham's level will face a dilemma when weighing up their next move - do they follow the money or sign for teams who play in front of bigger crowds.

And Keates, who currently has seven players under contract for next season, knows the latter makes Wrexham a more attractive proposition.

"No disrespect to clubs who are playing in front of 600 fans but can pay more money than we can, a player will have a decision to make," said Keates.

"Would they rather play in front of 5,000 fans instead of 500?

"Then money is not part of the equation because if you have got anything about you there is only one decision you want to make and that is the right decision about football.

"Unfortunately we live in a world and a division where players are not going to be paid for life so the extra couple of hundred pound a week makes a difference at our level."

When it comes to bolstering his squad ahead of Wrexham's 13th season in non-league which is set to start on October 3, Keates wants players who are prepared to give their all for the cause.

"Whether we are at the top of the league where we have been or bottom of the league like last season, the players have to make sure they are at it 120 per cent day in, day out, and do the same on a Saturday," added Keates.

"That is the mindset that I want at the football club this season."