JORDAN WHITE has been re-living his life threatening blood infection that wrecked the start of his new adventure at Wrexham.

Former Reds striker White, 28, spent around four weeks in a Chester hospital in 2016 just weeks after he was heralded as the the club’s great new hope by ex-boss Gary Mills.

The 6ft 4in Scot spent for weeks in hospital in Chester before being released after just one season by Mills’ replacement and now current Reds boss Dean Keates.

His career has now taken off north of the border and White hoped to start for Motherwell at Ross County in the final game of this weekend’s Scottish Premiership return.

Talking about his major health, White told the Motherwell Times and Speaker: “This problem knocked me for six. When it first happened it was mental.

“We were playing Nottingham Forest in pre-season in a closed door game.

“Everything was fine, I drove back that night and I just remember thinking that my groin was a bit tight so I would jump in the bath.

“I was a wee bit stiff but I thought you always get aches, pains and stiffness in pre-season.

“So I went to bed that night and I just remember waking up during the night, trying to turn over and literally I couldn’t move.

“So I started to panic a wee bit, wondering what the hell was going on.

“Alana (his now wife) had to get up and she literally had to grab my legs and swing them about.

“I couldn’t walk. My body wasn’t letting me put one foot in front of the other, it was the most bizarre thing ever.

“So I then went back to my flat and couldn’t climb up the stairs myself. It was a nightmare.

“I was just literally sitting in my bed and I think my mum and dad (Liz and Billy) came down because obviously they were worried.

“Come that Friday I realised I would be unable to go to training.

“But obviously I had just signed there so I wanted someone from Wrexham to come out and see me because I didn’t want them to think I was at it.

“I literally couldn’t move but the guys at Wrexham asked me if there was any way I could come in.

“Alana and I managed to drive into training and I told them I couldn’t move. So I went up to hospital again and they took X-rays on me.

“They couldn’t find anything in the X-rays so I was sent home again.

“I was just lying on the couch so Alana phoned the hospital and I went in again.

“It got progressively worse and there was poison in my groin area which went to my hip and paralysed me.

“Eventually they had to operate on me to drain any poison out.

“I was bedbound for a while and had to learn how to walk again. You don’t realise how quickly you forget how to do things like that.

“The experience wasn’t great. I was exhausted by it if anything.

“It wasn’t nice for me but it was probably worse for Alana.

“She had just moved down to Chester with me and she didn’t have anybody down there. We were both down there ourselves.

“Obviously our parents came down at a point but it was really difficult for us both.

“I have never had an injury in my career, touch wood, but that was obviously a setback for me.”

White’s first start of Wrexham was at the end of November but the frontman, who moved to Motherwell on a two year deal from Inverness Caledonian Thistle, added: “If I’m being honest with myself I probably came back too soon.

“I was at a new club so I was desperate to make an impact, desperate to play.

“But for about two or three months when I came back, my groin was still sore.

“It was a lot weaker so I had to strengthen it up more than I probably did before I came back.

“But once I got going I started playing really well and that’s when I was gaining my confidence back.”

White is now excited about playing Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Premiership.

He said: “I think playing against the Old Firm you don’t have as much pressure on your back so sometimes you actually have a wee bit more confidence against them. Although they are harder games you feel it is a free hit.”