NORTH WALES CRUSADERS are set to find out whether their League One season will resume by July 23.

The Super League season is due to resume on August 2 with the Rugby Football League setting a deadline regarding the Championship and League One.

And that means Anthony Murray’s Crusaders, pictured in Challenge Cup action, are one of 25 clubs waiting to see whether their season will resume.

Unlike the Super League, those second and third team clubs are unlikely to support behind-closed-doors action.

“Following a survey of the 25 Championship and League One clubs that was conducted after their meeting last month to assess their current views, the board observed that for a majority of clubs in each competition, playing matches behind closed doors is impractical, given the costs and other logistical issues,” read an RFL statement.

“However the board also noted that a small majority of clubs at both Championship and League One level preferred to hold open the possibility of resuming the season given the changing situation regarding the cost of antigen testing and the possibility of playing in front of crowds – while a majority also expressed support for the possibility of a meaningful competition later in the autumn and winter if that was the best available option.

“The board also have sympathy for the issues at Super League level, in terms of the integrity of their competition, and the need for clarity well ahead of the resumption of their 2020 season on August 2.

“Therefore the situation will be reviewed at the Board updates on the next two Mondays, July 13 and 20, with a decision to be made at the latest by July 23 – both on the resumption of the Championship and League 1 season, and on promotion and relegation between the competitions.”