ONE might be celebrating winning the Premier League title and the other has just survived National League relegation - but Liverpool and Wrexham have something in common.

And that’s a tribal fanbase who will do everything they can to roar their team to victory, according to Wrexham wideman Paul Rutherford.

“It’s a monster! You won’t get a more passionate fanbase,” said Rutherford of Wrexham supporters. “Players get stick from the fans sometimes and that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that comes with the territory and I’d rather play in-front of a passionate fanbase than any other.

“The fans have been amazing with me and my family.

“It’s tribal the way the fans get behind the club and there aren’t many other clubs who can match them.

“I’m a Liverpool fan and I put Wrexham fans right up there with them. They obviously aren’t on Liverpool’s level in terms of numbers, but they are just as fanatical. It’s something to really appreciate.”

Rutherford is also grateful for the support provided by Wrexham during a time of great uncertainty.

Rather than issue a retained list, Wrexham placed their playing squad - and backroom staff - on furlough with the coronavirus crisis causing havoc in every walk of life.

The 32-year-old, who is waiting to hear from Reds boss Dean Keates, said: “The club have really protected us.

“With the impact of the virus they could have gone down a different route, but they’ve put us as humans first.

“No football club is thriving at the moment, but the club have protected us, they’ve handled things really well and hopefully we come out the other side of this as strong as possible.

“I say ‘we’ because that’s how I’ve viewed my time at Wrexham, who I want to succeed whether I’m at the club or not.”

Rutherford, one of a number of the current Wrexham squad out of contract, would love to stay at The Racecourse for the 2020/21 National League campaign.

But after 15 years in the game, which has taken in spells with Chester, Barrow and Southport, Rutherford appreciates the landscape has changed for footballers.

“I’ve loved being at Wrexham, but it’s a different world now,” he said.

“It’s about being patient at the moment and waiting for communication.

“Everyone is waiting though, the government communicate with the National League, who communicate with the club and they communicate with the manager.

“So there’s no point me being on to the manager every two minutes. It’s about being pragmatic, realistic and grateful that the club has viewed us as humans first.

“We’ve got families to provide for and the club have been great.

“As Jurgen Klopp said, football is the most important of the non-important things.”