MICHAEL CHAMBERS feels “little cliques” in the dressing room could have damaged Wrexham’s season.

Chambers was one of several new faces, alongside the likes of JJ Hooper, Devonte Redmond and Leighton McIntosh, to arrive at The Racecourse last summer as Bryan Hughes looked to lead the Reds to National League promotion.

Talking to the Time Added On podcast, Chambers said: “In Wrexham, they have a house and there were quite a few boys in the house – a boy from London, a boy from Scotland and a boy from Derby – and we all got quite close, we formed a bond and kept each other company, kept each other busy and kept our minds right.

“We had quite a close group, but that can affect things in terms of the changing room. Because we had five or six boys we were really close to, then there was another five or six boys that were close.

“Sometimes you need to be one big united group, and sometimes when we are in a house together every single day, we are going to form a group, then the other boys form a group because they talk to each other outside of football.

“So there were little cliques in the changing room and that doesn’t always work in a football environment and you might say that’s some of the reason why we struggled, but it can play a small part.”

And defender Chambers, whose one-year deal was terminated in January, felt that the new boys were deemed the reason why Wrexham were struggling at the wrong end of the table, just months after reaching the play-offs.

On his time in north Wales, Chambers, whose move was initiated via social media, said: “My first month or so there was amazing. I signed really late, literally two weeks before the season started, so I didn’t really have a pre-season. I played 45 minutes against Crewe and that was it, the season started and I didn’t play the first couple of games. I started my first one at Notts County, which was another massive stadium and another massive club, which was enjoyable and I did really well.

“The next game against Barnet I did really well and then after that…we started out the season with massive ambitions to get promoted, we wanted things to go really well, and I know the club, which has been in the National League for a little while, have really big ambitions of going up and potentially going up again.

“We just never quite lived up to those expectations.

“I think, for me as a player that was coming into that environment, there were a lot of old faces who had been in there for a couple of seasons, they’d been really successful, they’d got to the play-offs, they’d done this and done that, so me coming in was meant to help them get over the line in a sense.

“When things don’t go too well, I think the first people others tend to look at are the people coming into that environment.

“But I really enjoyed my time there and 99 per cent of the fans were amazing to me, and I even had a song there, so I must have done a couple of things right.”