DON BIRCHAM has issued a statement clarifying points made in the latest Wrexham Supporters Trust update.

The WST revealed that former chief executive Bircham had made a “further director’s loan” to the one in January 2016, which took place in May 2015 as a result of a cash flow issue.

Bircham wanted to have his say on the matter, confirming three loans were made during his tenure at the club, explaining: “It was considerate of the WST to contact me on Thursday to seek my approval for the disclosure of loans I made to the football club during my tenure on the football board.

“I was happy to give my approval, however, I wish to clarify a couple of points within the resulting statement.

“I made three loans to the club during my tenure. The loans were made by the way of bank transfers and cheque from my personal banks account to cover short-term cash flow issues.

“The money was repaid by the club in full within the timescales given and there was no interest charged.

“I should like to stress that the business was in good financial shape and this was simply to avoid the issues associated with short-term lending.

“The loans were made with the support and knowledge of the football board and I asked that there should be no publicity or recognition.

“Any protocol that existed for internal communication to club officials was a matter for those WST board members who also sat on the football board.

“May I take the opportunity to wish all fans, players and officials good health at this challenging time.”