DEAN KEATES says furloughing employees means Wrexham Football Club will come through the coronavirus crisis.

The board has made the decision to place all employees - including the players, Keates and his coaching staff - on the Government-organised Job Retention Scheme due to the impact that the pandemic has had on the club.

Keates admits it was the right decision and in the best interests of the football club.

“There has been a lot said regarding football over these last four or five days and that is right from the top,” said Keates.

“This pandemic has grabbed hold of the whole world and what the club have had to do is what was needed to be done going forward.

“The cloth has always been cut accordingly at this football club and that is why we will come out the other side.”

The National League season was last week suspended indefinitely because of the outbreak while all non-match day events at The Racecourse have been cancelled, meaning there is no way of generating income.

Wrexham have only had two home fixtures since January, with the clash against Torquay in mid-February postponed due to the weather.

Keates feels the National League need to look at the fixture programme for next season and space home games at regular intervals so clubs have a constant source of income.

“We have only had two home games since January,” said Keates. “We had the Torquay game called off because of the weather but that is something the National League needs to look at going forward.

“Whether something needs to be in place where you play home then away because something needs to be done; that constant income has to come in.

“No-one could see what has happened over these last six weeks with how it first started and the season now being suspended indefinitely.

“But fixtures are something we need to reassess going forward and use it as a learning curve for the league when we come out the other side.”