SPENCER HARRIS feels "humbled" by the response from Wrexham Football Club employees after being placed on furlough and has apologised for having to take the step.

The board has asked all people employed by the club - including the playing and coaching staff - to agree to move into the Government-organised Job Retention Scheme as the world continues to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

The National League season has been suspended indefinitely and with five of Wrexham's remaining nine matches due to be played at The Racecourse, the club reported that matchday revenue will be down in excess of £250,000.

All non-match day events at the stadium have been cancelled and with no way of generating income, the decision to furlough employees has been done to protect the future of the football club.

Harris appreciates it is a tough time for society as a whole and he says it was not a move that was taken lightly.

"We have been humbled by the response from our employees thus far," said Harris.

"We fully appreciate it is a really difficult time for the whole of society and all of the people connected to Wrexham Football Club.

"I think people understand that coronavirus is no fault of any individuals or businesses, faulty planning or doing the wrong things.

"It is something that has come and side-swiped the whole world and people appreciate that there is very little that anybody could have done to plan for this.

"Hopefully we all stick together and come through it together. I am just really, really sorry that due to coronavirus it has impacted on some brilliant people and their families.

"We are incredibly sorry about that and we will work with our employees over time."

Harris said last month that there were no "immediate concerns" for the future of the club after the National League initially decided to suspend the season until April 3 at the earliest due to coronavirus.

But the pandemic has left the country in lockdown and cost cutting measures were inevitable as COVID-19 has an impact on the football club.

"This virus is affecting people in so many ways across the world," added Harris.

"The world has changed in a very swift fashion and we are not in a bubble; it has affected us in a similar way.

"We put together a business plan that involves all sorts of different income, including income from matchday and income from non-matchday.

"Quite rightly, the Government has imposed restrictions that has shut-down all of that income.

"We communicated on March 17 but things have moved on quite considerably since then and nobody would have believed then that we would be in the situation we are in now.

"It is the go-forward income in our business plan as well that is causing us to talk to some great employees and make some really difficult decisions."