DEAN KEATES praised his Wrexham players' professionalism during an uncertain period as clubs wait to find out of if the 2019-20 season will be completed.

The National League campaign has been suspended indefinitely, and might not even resume, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the meantime, Wrexham's first-team squad have been issued with strict regimes and monitoring provision to complete training at their home locations.

Keates is pleased with the results as his players continue to do what is asked of them whilst waiting to see whether the season will restart.

"It is hard," said Keates. "We have to put a lot of trust in the players and full credit to them for what we have asked of them.

"It has been checked back to us with the technology that is available and the days that the lads are expected to go out and run on a day-on, day-off basis, they have.

"We have measured distances that they are covering and it all marries up to what we do Monday to Friday anyway in training.

"We have asked for a little bit more from them and they have covered what we expect from the amount of days that we train and the game as well, so they are doing everything that is needed.

"Everything has been reported back, we are keeping track of it and I am happy with what they are doing.

"They are doing their part and I can't praise the players enough how they are dealing with it and being away.

"Fitness-wise they are ticking over, unfortunately we have lost ball-time but there are opportunities for them to do their own bits in the back garden."

The National League season was halted until April 3 at the earliest but Government measures put in place last week to limit the spread of Covid-19 means the campaign for fifth and sixth tier teams has been suspended indefinitely.

Last week, a statement sent out by National League chief executive Mike Tattersall said they have asked the Football Association to help "close the season as soon as possible" and finish the campaign in its three divisions now "for the purposes of player contracts".

However, there are reports that the league are keen to carry on with the current campaign, which was due to end on April 25, and play to a finish.

Wrexham, battling to avoid relegation, have nine games remaining and Keates admits he is still none-the-wiser about what will happen.

"The statement was made but I don't think there was anything in it," said Keates.

"I think it was a statement for a statement's sake looking at it.

"At it stands at the minute we are under Government regulation and the players are all in self isolation, as is the whole country, but they are still adhering to a programme that has been put in place.

"We are talking about football but it is more about people's health and well-being."