SHAUN PEARSON stressed the importance of Wrexham Football Club rallying round the community as the coronavirus outbreak continues to impact people's lives.

The National League season has been suspended, and might not be played to a conclusion, due to the pandemic with the Reds' players given training programmes to follow at home.

Although football has been put on hold, it has not stopped the club contacting elderly supporters to check they are safe and well, especially with the country placed on lockdown.

Skipper Pearson has been telephoning fans over the age of 80, something he is only too happy to do.

"When the news came through that people were going to be on lockdown, I text (director) Spencer Harris and said to let me know if there was anything I could do to help," said Pearson.

"Obviously you have to do as you are told by the Government but the football club is the biggest thing within the community so it is important that we give back at a time like this.

"The board decided to do this and they emailed me a list of names, and asked me to ring as many as I wanted on behalf of the club.

"There have been other people within the club doing it so I am not the only one.

"It has kept me busy as much as anything and I have had some interesting conversations along the way as well!

"So far it has been great because everybody has been safe and sound and they have got the support around them that they need to get through this time.

"It is pleasing people are coming together and looking after each other."

Contacting supporters over the age of 80 means Pearson has heard some interesting tales of the past and he still has more people on his list to speak to.

"A lot of people have been telling me they have been watching Wrexham since World War Two," said Pearson.

"There has been some nice conversations, it has been good and it has gone down really well.

"I think they have really appreciated the calls and that 10 minute conversation is something a bit different because everything is pretty much the same at the minute when you are stuck at home having the same conversation with the same people.

"It is something a little bit different and I think they have enjoyed it.

"I am just working my way through the list so if some people think they haven't been called, we will get to you eventually.

"Some numbers haven't been answered so I will keep track of them and try them again.

"Hopefully we get in contact with everybody, we are trying."

Pearson also took to twitter asking anybody that needed assistance to contact him, and he and his wife Clarise would do their best to help at such a difficult time.

"Most people are offering that and are willing to do that," added Pearson

"There's not a great deal you can do because you have to stick to the guidelines but you just do what you can."

n The Comedy Afternoon, which was due to be held in the Bamfords Suite at The Racecourse on Sunday April 5, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The Former Players Association at Wrexham hope to reschedule for the autumn.