As we are all living in a world of uncertainty at the moment, the football authorities have made the correct decision in halting matches with people’s lives at risk.

I am of the opinion that the coronavirus will leave us as fast as it has arrived.

And while the world is standing still, stay safe I say, and follow the guidelines that have been set out.

As far as what happens to the football world, I am in the dark like everyone else, but we can reflect on the season so far and reflect on every option that the hierarchy can look at with regards to this season.

Every club from the top tier to the bottom will suffer in some shape or form. But life is more precious that kicking a ball around.

The financial elites at the top of the game must help the clubs at the lower levels to survive these tough times, or otherwise we will see football clubs going out of business.

In the Cymru Premier, we will all be waiting on a decision from the Football Association of Wales on where we go from here. Are we going to finish the season?

Will we finish the season as it stands now, with clubs finishing in the positions that they occupy right now?

Are we going to declare the season null and void and start again?

If we did that, what happens to the European places? It’s just all out of our hands at present.

The FAW will have to be brave and follow the path that other countries decide to take. Whatever plans are made, we must all get behind them and support their vision on where we go from here.

But I must give a mention to Andy Morrison at Connah’s Quay, for the level of commitment and dedication he has put in to get them to within touching distance of his biggest achievement as a football manager.

The Cymru Premier championship is within the Nomads’ grasp with six games to go, and they know that they may never be in this position again.

Four points clear at this stage is never a comfortable lead, especially when only two players in his squad has won the Welsh Premier title in the past – Mike Wilde and Danny Holmes. He has Craig Harrison by his side of course, who has many titles under his belt, and his experience will help greatly in the run-in.

But Andy’s desire and passion shines through and he is solely focused on reaching that goal. I believe they will do it, because of the resilience his team show week in, week out.

It’s not always pretty, some may say, but it’s a formula that works for his team in winning games.

Andy has transformed Connah’s Quay with his achievements in the last five years and he’s about to take them to the promised land.

Not many would bet against that now.

With UEFA deciding to cancel the Euros this summer, it will free up some time to let this season finish as planned, going into June.

Ryan Giggs and the players will get their time again next summer, when they will all be a year older, wiser and stronger.

Looking at situations closer to home, Wrexham’s position as a football club is being tested on and off the pitch.

Wrexham has always been a club where everyone pulls together in trying times like these, and their fighting spirit will prevail.

That kind of attitude will help when or if this campaign resumes. Wrexham Football Club know the task that’s in front of them. Everyone needs to stay positive.

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