EVERYWHERE you went in Cardiff city centre that weekend, Wrexham fans were out in full force.

The pubs and clubs in the capital city may not have been pouring pints of Wrexham Lager but come Sunday afternoon they didn’t need to blast out their famous ‘Feed me till I want no more’ chants.

Wrexham fans were feasting on a Trophy triumph - a rags to riches story of a team that had come through all kinds of adversity that season to lift silverware.

It’s nearly 15 years since Denis Smith’s Reds beat Southend United 2-0 after extra-time at The Millennium Stadium.

They were magical memories and you know that by just looking at the smiling faces of the supporters who painted South Wales red on April 10, 2005.

Who cared whether the final wasn’t at Wembley which was in the middle of a facelift. We all knew a first ever visit to the famous national stadium wasn’t far off anyway.

So what better place for those in the north to invade the south and proudly raise the Reds flags.

Wrexham had nigh-on 20,000 supporters cheering them on. It was a day they’ll never forget.

Even 15 years on, players like Darren Ferguson and Dennis Lawrence describe it as one of their best ever football memories.

Just like it was in the echoing corridors of the Cardiff amphitheatre all those years ago, it’s been an honour to relive the stories. Covering the club you support on occasions like this makes the job of being a sports journalist even more special. So does seeing what potential the Reds have to pull in success-starved supporters from all over north and mid-Wales.

Reds fans deserve these kind of days and remember how they dug deep into their pockets to save the club before digging themselves out of ice-age snowdrifts to make it down Wembley way for another cup-lifting experience in the FA Trophy 2013 season.

Times have been tough ever since but surely the seven years of bad luck have come to an end.

The coronavirus has KO’d the country with football taking a big hit. Clubs could go under but Wrexham won’t - their fantastic supporters will make sure of that!