PAUL RUTHERFORD completely understands why the decision has been taken to suspend football matches but the winger insists the Wrexham players won't be unprepared when the season resumes.

The coronavirus outbreak has decimated the sporting schedule around the world with the National League season halted until April 3 at the earliest.

Three Wrexham players have been in self-isolation after showing symptoms of the pandemic and Dean Keates' first-team squad have been issued with strict training regimes and monitoring provision to complete training at their home locations.

Rutherford admits health comes before football at such a traumatic time.

"We are in unchartered territory and it is difficult," said Rutherford.

"As much as we all love football and it is our passion - there is nothing more that we would want to be doing - there are vulnerable people out there and health comes first.

"It is probably best that we err on the side of caution until the information is available for everyone and the correct decisions can be made in good faith rather than gambling if we don't know what the scenarios are."

Wrexham are battling to avoid relegation from the fifth tier with the 20th placed Reds just one point above the drop zone with nine games left.

And although the season won't resume for at least another fortnight, Rutherford insists the players must maintain fitness levels and be ready to continue their quest for survival as soon as they get the green light.

"It has got a similar feeling to what the off-season has," said Rutherford.

"We have got to make sure we prepare, the only difference being that we might get the call saying we have got the go-ahead on Saturday.

"As unlikely as that is we have got to be prepared for the league, we have got to be ready to go.

"We are still in the heat of battle in terms of where we are in the league so if we even lapse slightly, mentally that could be major warning signs for us.

"We really hope that the season continues so we have got to stay mentally at it and be ready to go as soon as the curfew is lifted or a relevant decision is made that allows us to get back out there playing again."

Rutherford believes that the top divisions will probably resume their season before the lower leagues.

"I don't envy the people who have got to decide all this," said Rutherford.

"In my opinion, the top levels might be able to resume a little bit earlier than everybody else because financially they can afford to do it.

"Their revenue isn't built upon matchday; it is upon the global game, the merchandise.

"At our level there is loads to consider but from my own situation, I would happily resume whenever they want to resume."