JASON OSWELL says Wrexham players have a duty to look after themselves after they were given fitness programmes to follow at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Three first-team squad members have been told to self-isolate after showing symptoms of the pandemic, although Dean Keates revealed they are all improving.

The National League has decided to postpone its season until April 3 at the earliest and the Wrexham players have been issued with strict training regimes to complete at their home locations.

Striker Oswell is only to happy to keep his fitness levels up.

"We have been given plans to follow but to be honest, I think a lot of us would want to keep ticking over anyway," said Oswell.

"The last thing you want to do is just sit inside all day so I would be out running and stuff anyway."

The coronavirus outbreak has decimated the sporting schedule across the world.

Oswell insists people's health remains the priority and has no idea of what step the National League should take next.

"I wouldn't like to be making any decision or like to have that call on my head," said Oswell.

"I don't know what they are going to do.

"All I can see is that it is not just going to clear up as soon as this period of two weeks finishes.

"I was listening to the Prime Minster saying be prepared for this to go on for months not weeks."

With the season halted for at least another two weeks, and the health of all employees at The Racecourse the primary concern, Keates says asking players to train at home was a no-brainer.

"We made the decision to shut the place down from speaking with the board and it was the right call to self-isolate all the players," said Keates.

"They have gone away and have got a programme.

"None of it is gym-based, it is more individual; a slight run each day and body weight exercises to keep on top of their conditioning.

"We will re-assess the situation again early next week and look to get the lads back in next week."

Wrexham, battling to avoid relegation from the fifth tier, have nine games remaining and Keates says his players are still focused on securing safety when they do return to action.

"Our mentality is the season will be starting again so we won't go away from that," said Keates.

"The last time we were in and I spoke with the players, I said to them that the mindset doesn't change.

"We know what is at stake and the predicament we are in.

"They are professionals and a programme that has been put in place; they know when they are working and know what they need to be doing.

"With all the technology that is available to us, we can monitor it and see who has done what.

"But ultimately, the biggest thing at the moment is everybody's health."