SHAUN PEARSON insists it was the correct decision to postpone Saturday's game at Barrow because of coronavirus fears and the Wrexham captain felt no National League fixtures should have gone ahead.

The Premier League and English Football League have suspended matches with the intention of returning on April 4, "subject to medical advice and conditions at the time".

However, National League chiefs announced that their fixture schedule would continue as planned at the weekend despite the pandemic.

But Wrexham's clash against leaders Barrow at Holker Street was called off on Friday after a member of the Reds' first team squad was advised to self isolate due to coronavirus concerns.

Pearson says peoples health comes first before ensuring football games are fulfilled.

"You have got to leave it down to the health experts when it comes to something like this," said Pearson.

"If they are telling us not to play then I think we have got to listen to them and do as we are told basically.

"I do understand some clubs will struggle without the revenue and things like that but I'm sure somebody would rather not be paid and have the life of somebody close to them who might have an underlying health issue.

"That sounds extreme but that is what they are talking about so you have to listen to these people and take their advice on it."

Pearson was surprised that the National League opted against halting its programme when matches in other divisions did not go ahead.

"I am no health expert and I don't know the complete ins and outs of it, although the elderly in particular are vulnerable," said Pearson.

"People will say that people might catch it anyway but if we can do something to try and decrease the chances of somebody falling severely ill or ultimately dying, why would we not do that?

"There is obviously a reason why the top games and the Football League matches have been called off, and pretty much every other league in Wales and Scotland. I don't really understand why our league is any different.

"If you prevent a few people getting it, that saves a couple of lives so surely it is worth calling the games off.

"I was surprised that Cheltenham Races and things like that were on, when you hear the things you hear.

"It seems the general advice in the world is to try and reduce mass gatherings anywhere and I don't see why we would be any different to anywhere else."

A Wrexham FC statement read: "With regret Wrexham AFC can confirm that our National League fixture against Barrow (14th March 2020) has been postponed.

"After seeking medical advice, a member of the Wrexham AFC first-team squad has been advised to self-isolate and we have a duty of care for the well-being of our staff, volunteers and others.

"The football club is continuing to monitor the situation closely."

Pearson fully understood the decision after an un-named team-mate was understood to have contracted the pandemic.

"Whether it is that, you don't 100 per cent know but you just can't be taking chances with things like that," added Pearson.

"Even it is only a small percentage, it is not worth it for the chance that somebody could end up severely ill from it."