'SOME things are more important than football' was Wrexham manager's Dean Keates' philosophy after Saturday's clash against Torquay United at The Racecourse was postponed because of the weather.

The decision was made on Friday afternoon due to safety and weather concerns.

Anticipated strong winds and heavy rain from storm Dennis, which swept the country over the weekend, meant the National League fixture was postponed in the interests of safety.

Having paid close attention to the weather forecast, Keates had no issues with the match being shelved just under 24 hours before kick-off to prevent supporters travelling in dangerous conditions, with Torquay fans due to embark on a 500 mile round trip.

"It made sense given what the weather forecast was," said Keates.

"We were all led to believe it was going to blow in and it was not like we were going to be playing Stockport who could be here in 45 minutes; we were playing opposition who would be travelling four, maybe five hours.

"It is not about the team. They team did it right, they actually came up on Friday; it is more about the fans.

"It is not just our area that was getting storm Dennis, it is going across the whole nation with amber warnings all over so it was the right decision because there are more important things than football.

"We all wanted the game on but if something happened whilst coming out to watch a football match, we would all be devastated. "Looking at it with what was blowing in, common sense prevailed and it was the right decision."

Although the welfare of supporters was the priority, Keates says The Racecourse pitch was playable when the early decision was made to postpone the game.

But with heavy rain falling throughout Saturday, Keates admits the wet weather would have put the game in doubt anyway.

"We had a massive downpour on Thursday but if the game was on Friday, it was playable," said Keates.

"The pitch was in fine nick, [groundsman] Paul Chaloner has done a great job this season.

"The forecast gave 100 per cent rain from 8am in the morning and all the way through.

"If that amount of rain was going to come down seven hours before we even kicked-off, the pitch would probably have been unplayable."

Keates decided against holding a training session over the weekend because of the conditions.

"If we can't play in it, we aren't going to be able to train in it when 47mph winds are predicted," said Keates.

"The players had a good week training anyway so Monday now becomes a proper training day for them."

Wrexham, who were hoping to bounce back from the 3-2 defeat at fellow strugglers Chesterfield the previous weekend, remain two points above the relegation zone with 12 games remaining.

With no fixture backlog, Keates has no qualms about fitting the Torquay match, which is yet to be re-arranged, into Wrexham's schedule.

"As it stands, it is only over the Easter period that we play twice in a short amount of days," added Keates.

"It is an easy game to squeeze in for both teams. We have not got a back-log of Tuesday night games scheduled, and we will be looking at it in the near future."