IT looks like being a two-horse race to be named Wrexham's player of the year.

The 2019-20 campaign hasn't gone to plan and the Reds are battling to avoid relegation from the National League, but two players have stood out in supporters' eyes.

Goalkeeper Rob Lainton and midfielder Luke Young are fans' favourites for the award.

Lainton, who scooped the gong last season, has again been dependable between the posts after missing the opening two months due to an ankle injury, keeping Wrexham in games with some vital saves.

Young has been a consistent performer and worked tirelessly in the middle of the pitch, while his stunning volley in November's win against high-flying Bromley is also a contender for goal of the season.

Supporters heaped praise on the duo for their efforts when asked who should win the award.

GERAINT ROGERS: "Rob Lainton!"

JONA DEVITT: "Luke Young. He’s been dependable and played the games, at times he’s looked the only one remotely interested. Having said that though Rob Lainton is head and shoulders the best player just hampered by a delayed start due to injury. Either of these two would be fine by me."

IWAN SANGER: "Rob Lainton/Luke Young."

EWAN MAC: "Rob Lainton kept us in many games this season, most consistent player at the moment."

RICH JONES: "Dan Jarvis. Hasn’t had a bad game."

GAZ TROW: "Luke Young, only player who has been consistently good all season."

DANIEL EDWARDS: "Rob Lainton has been mr consistent again, but Young for me has been solid in the middle. Young edges it for me."

MATTY: "Bobby Grant. Without his goals we'd be in the relegation zone."

PETER WILLIAMS: "Got to be Lainton again - total change in defence when he returned in goal."

PHIL JONES: "Rob Lainton without a doubt is keeping us up."

BRAD SKILLY: "Luke Young."

PAUL JONES: "I’d say Luke Young has been the consistent outfield player and Rob Lainton is a top goalkeeper."

BEN WILLIAMS: "Young over Lainton just by virtue of playing more games and being consistently good in them. No one else close to those 2 in a pretty dismal season."

AIDAN: "Lainton. Kept us in countless games with class saves. He’d boss it in the football league."

KEN DAVIES: "Lainton - consistently excellent - badly missed when not available."

ASH: "Luke Young for me,

keeps Wrexham ticking over in midfield been excellent this season really kicked on."

ARRON BENNETT: "Luke Young. Consistent performer who gives 110% to the cause every game."

PABLO: "Luke Young easily."

RHYS N WILLIAMS: "I’d go for Luke Young, he’s been consistent for us all season and hasn’t really put a foot wrong. Scored us some goals (one of them will probably be Goal of the Season). Quality Midfielder that was massively underrated last Season imo. Rob Lainton a very close second."

JOE FOUNTAIN: "Luke Young and it’s not even close."

ALEKSANDAR STANKOVIC: "Rob Lainton has saved us most points. Luke Young has been most consistent outfield player."

PETE JONES: "Got to be Luke Young and the best bit of business this month would be to give him a new contract."

KERRY WILLIAMS: "Can only be Luke Young."

ALISHA ITHELL JONES: "Luke Young, always consistent and works hard. Scored some amazing goals as well."

MARTIN WILLIAMS: "Luke Young. All day."

BRYN: "Ruthers for me. I vote for him every year though. If everyone showed his willingness and application we'd be in a better place."

RYAN PRICE: "Rob Lainton, one of the best keepers we’ve had."

SUPERSUB: "Luke Young for me. Quality footballer. Energy, enthusiasm, attitude. Get him signed on a longer deal. Now."

ANDY BALL: "It's gotta be Young, not really anyone else in the picture other than maybe Lainton."

ALAN JONES: "Young been most consistent all season."

JOE: "There’s a shout for Lainton but it has to be Luke Young."

KIRKY: "Luke Young."

ROBIN FROOM: "Rob Lainton, no coincidence our form turned round when the best keeper in the league came back."


STUART APPLEWHITE: "Luke Young by a country mile."

PAUL WILLIAMS: "Luke Young. Only one of three players who have given 100% every game in my opinion and he's been the most consistent out of the three."

JOSH HODGSON: "Luke Young for his non stop effort and a couple of worldies in there too."

MARK GRIFFITHS: "Luke Young. Pretty much carried the midfield all season. One of the only players who leaves everything on the pot and 9 times out of 10 only one to come out of the game with any credit."

JOSH DRANSFIELD: "Luke Young. Most consistent player this season and always put the effort in."

ADRIAN JONES: "Got to be Luke Young. Been the most consistent and stand out player this season."

BARRY THOMAS: "Reckon Lainton has saved our relegation battle with few extra pts. But Youngy without doubt has come on loads this season and been most consistent."