BRYN LAW says it would be "very short-sighted" of Wrexham's board of directors to turn down the offer of external investment to take the club forward.

Wrexham lost 2-1 at fellow strugglers Ebbsfleet United on Saturday and dropped to the bottom of the National League - the club's lowest ever position.

Although the Reds have had a disastrous first half of the season and are in real danger of being relegated to the sixth tier, the fan-owned club is in a healthy position financially and in April announced another successful trading year.

But Wrexham-born broadcaster and life-long supporter Law believes external investment is needed to improve fortunes on the pitch.

"Financially, the club has been run as a good, tight ship over the last few years and it is not somebody moving in to try and pick up the pieces at the end of a financial collapse," said Law.

"It is not a Bury situation or potentially a Macclesfield situation.

"The club is in relatively good nick financially and the investment in the club would be on the footballing side.

"The real fear that fans understandably have about allowing external investment is it would be like it was in the past, and I absolutely get that.

"But the difference now is we have no assets. We own nothing apart from a history, the badge on the shirt and short-term, a group of players who don't have a massive value.

"We don't own anything for anybody to asset strip any more."

Law insists he has spoken to people who are seeking a football project and would potentially invest in the club.

"There are people out there," said Law.

"I know because I have spoken to some people out there who are what you might term football-investors.

"They are looking for football projects, something they can get their teeth into with a bit of cash that they spend on the basis that they would like to take this thing as far as they can, and made it a success in footballing terms.

"We would look to be the right sort of model for a football-investor.

"I understand peoples concerns but I think it is very short-sighted to be effectively closing the door as I see it to anybody coming in and getting involved."

Wrexham go into tonight's game against Eastleigh sitting five points adrift of safety.

Dean Keates admits his side need three points at The Silverlake Stadium but Law stressed the need for the Reds to string a run of wins together just to give themselves a fighting chance in the battle against relegation.

"The first half of the season has been pretty disastrous and the problem is that we are hoping the team is going to do something that it hasn't managed to do so far which is win a number of games, probably consecutively, to be back in with a fighting chance," said Law.

"It is not just winning one game and waiting six more for the next victory. Now it has got to be win, win, win to get back in the frame and properly in the fight.

"We need to significantly more than double our points total in the second half of the season."

Keates returned to The Racecourse for a second spell as manager in October, replacing Bryan Hughes who was sacked following the woeful start to the season.

Law says the revolving-door of managers in recent years has finally caught up with Wrexham and is the reason why the club is struggling at the wrong end of the table.

"The concern is that the club has tried different things to try and bring about a change, the most obvious one being changing the manager again," added Law.

"That new manager bounce that you are supposed to get hasn't happened and I already see on-line polls asking whether the current manager should be sacked.

"We find ourselves in a crazy position now. There's a run of three or four games that don't go well and the immediate response from some supporters now is let's change the manager.

"I have been worried all the way through this process that the expectation of change becomes a constant thing now, people are always looking for the next guy.

"The squad has been built up by lots of different people now so there is no coherent long-term strategy in terms of what we are doing in a footballing sense, and the situation has been allowed to deteriorate on that basis so we are where we are.

"I don't think there is any doubt now but we are in serious danger of getting relegated this season."