Wrexham's loyal supporters have seen their side go from promotion contenders to fighting the threat of relegation from the National League.

Just how worried are the fans?

JONA DEVITT: “It’s over already. We’ve lost the cast iron defence and kept the limp attack. We simply can’t win enough matches to get the points.”

GRAHAM C MALONEY: “Very, and can’t see it improving quickly. Bottom in all likelihood after Saturday so hopefully can then only move upwards!”

MARCO: “Worried about the situation we are in and the team performances but I’m 100% certain we wont go down.”

ROB JONES: “Really worried. I sometimes watch Kettering these days and there are 6 recent league teams in that division. We are not too big to go down.”

JOE: “Time to look for suitable owners. We are in an inexcusable position.”

ANDY DAVIES: “Very worried. Too many poor decisions being made on and off the pitch.”

DJ SHAUN CARR: “I can’t see us getting out of it either, by Christmas we could be in major trouble! Devastating.”

LIQUID: “We are falling, and falling fast.”

PAUL COOPER: “Very worried, some of the decisions taken by the board could kill us as a club. Squad is a mess, tactics are a joke, defence doesn’t defend any more and the midfield and the attacking players are noting short of a shambles.”

PAUL: “It’s a blessing in disguise, perhaps now the current board will pull their heads out of the sand. We need a new infrastructure within the club, the current model has had plenty of chances and failed.”

BARRY DANIELS: “Tactics and formation need to change quickly, not having a recognised striker ploughing a lone furrow up front on his own will get us nowhere. Too much deadwood within the squad.”

819: “Very worried the board needs a reshuffle.”

SUPERSUB: “It’s not where we want to be, very worrying, with no improvement since Keates and Davies returned. But when you play a team full of wingers, putting some good balls in the box, and without a centre forward on the pitch, you’re not going to achieve anything.”

RICHARD FROOM: “It’s looking very dire. The board had done what Hamilton set out to do, and has set the club on course for it’s doom.”

JEFF GREEN: “Very worried now after last defeat. I think we need a miracle in front of goal and need to move the ball around quicker in the final third.”