SAM RICKETTS says Wrexham's position at the top of the National League has been earned through a team effort - on and off the pitch.

Wrexham continued the impressive start to the season with a 2-0 win at Maidenhead and while his players have had the plaudits, Ricketts was quick to praise his backroom staff for their contribution.

"I am delighted for the players and the staff," said Ricketts. "All the effort that goes into these games can't be underestimated.

"Obviously the players' effort and commitment on the pitch can be seen and they've deserved Tuesday and deserved the first week just from their pure hunger, and desire to win games has come through with quality as well.

"We wanted to bring some quality up front and you saw that, especially with the second goal from Jordan Maguire-Drew.

"My staff as well, hours and hours of preparation goes into every game, watching the opposition, how are we going to play, what do they do.

"Full credit to all of my staff. I have got Graham Barrow, Jussi Jaaskelainen, Carl Darlington and John Pitts, analyst Anthony Gomez, physio Phil Davies and sports scientist Alun Andrews.

"All of them dedicated as much as the players and fantastic."

Ricketts is pleased with how things are progressing but still thinks his side can get better.

"I am delighted for the players because their attitude has been fantastic and they deserve this start to the season," said Ricketts.

"But I will reiterate, there is a lot more to come and we need to work on an awful lot of things.

"There are instances where we should be scoring more, instances where we should be controlling the game better and just seeing the game out far more comfortably than what we are.

"Even though we are doing it comfortably, I would rather see it out with some possession of the ball."

Ricketts takes little notice of the fact Wrexham are the leaders.

"Four games in and we have got 42 to go," added Ricketts. "Yes it is nice but it means nothing.

"We are still in August and have got an awful long way to go.

"If you had told me we were top of the league in April I would be a little bit more interested."