WREXHAM swimmer Hector Pardoe was in full Olympic mode ahead of his open water race at the 2020 Games on Wednesday night.

The 20-year-old, formerly of Whitchurch Wasps and Ellesmere Titans, has even been able to enter the Olympic Village – despite plans to stay away – as the number of athletes dwindled following early departures because of International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules.

After settling into his training routine, Hector believes the move into the Village after two weeks of training outside at a university, has given him all the motivation he needs.

Hector, who is from Bettisfield in Wrexham, said: "Training has been amazing.

"We've been in solitary for two weeks of preparation camp in Keio University, which is on the outskirts of Tokyo, with just the open water team to really get the mindset in place without any distractions.

"And, of course, to avoid getting infected before the race with any bugs or illnesses but obviously especially Covid.

"The original plan was to not enter the Village at all, but now seeing that athletes are being forced to leave 48 hours after their races are finished, the Village isn’t overflowing.

"Coming into the Village has really helped experience the Olympic atmosphere and spirit, and added even more fuel to the fire.

"I can’t wait to race and excited to represent Team GB for the first time."