A NORTH Wales publican has launched a petition that would help the environment - while also knocking 40p off the price of a pint for punters.

David Metcalfe, landlord of the Holly Bush in Cefn Mawr, Wrexham, has started the petition on Change.org - it has 147 signatures and counting.

He wants the Welsh Government to remove duty from keg beer.

David says the move would not only encourage people back to pubs to enjoy cheaper pints - it would have an impact on the environment as it would produce less waste that beer supplied in bottles and cans.

Describing the petition, he said: "Help us really save the Environment and get 40p off a pint of beer for doing so! To good to be true, not so.

"Please sign our petition to have the duty removed from Keg Beer. This will have a very profound and far-reaching effect that will help save the planet. Reducing the cost of beer in your local pub will encourage people to come back to the pubs. Where beer glasses are simply washed and refilled from kegs which are refiled by the breweries, with no waste.

"This is a perfect circular economy and is something our governments aspire to. So, if they really want a circular economy, using taxation will help achieve such and your signature on this petition will help them make that decision.

"We at the Holly Bush Inn, Cefn Mawr ask for your support."

Supporting points for the Holly Bush's petition:

  • Recycling (at best) hundreds of thousands of tons of beer cans and bottles adds hundreds of thousands of tones of CO2 to the atmosphere every year.
  • The off sales of alcohol form supermarkets and retail chains is responsible for 95% of underage drinking in the UK.
  • The off sales of alcohol from supermarkets and retail chains is responsible for 95% of drink driving in the UK.
  • The off sales of alcohol from supermarkets and retail chains is responsible for 95% of the alcohol related litter along our road sides. Please just try counting the beer cans!

People have been commenting on the petition.

John Wallace said: "The alcohol tax should be abolished. Pubs have always been community centres, job centres and places where ordinary people can meet up to relax, socialise and learn to get on with each other. The British government have plenty of bars, heavily subsidised by all of us who can't go into the bars at Westminster.

"The fact that there is also an environmental benefit is just a bonus.

"We are tired of subsidising wealthy drinkers. It's about time the tax was abolished. The Conservative 'government' are always banging on about lower taxes and less government interference. Here's their chance."

Terry Kidd said: "I regularly pick up empty alcohol bottles and cans where underage drinkers congregate."

Jacqueline Egan said: "The pub was always the hub off local communities. A place to meet and chatter with people you had known for years and meet new people. So many pubs have closed and it’s cheaper to buy alcoholic drinks in the supermarket, but who wants to drink alone!"

Find out more about the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/welsh-government-help-save-the-planet-with-40p-off-every-pint-of-beer