An avid Wrexham reader has hailed staff at her local library, and across the region, as "lifesavers".

In May last year, Lynn Morris was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and found books helped her to get away from her problems.

When the libraries started to offer a click and collect service, Lynn's husband, Denna, would set out for her latest set of reading.

Throughout treatment and during recovery, it's books from Wrexham Library that have helped the 63-year-old get through.

Period-set murder mystery fan Lynn said: "Initially my husband would go out and buy me books but it's not the same.

"When the libraries re-opened and they said you can get on the computer, order books and come and pick them up, it was a lifeline to me.

"I'm so grateful to the library staff, who've worked throughout the pandemic.

"Instead of sitting there and thinking about me, or not feeling too good after treatment, I could lose myself in a book. It took my mind off everything.

"It was brilliant, and I absolutely can't thank the library staff enough."

Lynn, who was first enrolled in Wrexham Library by her grandparents when she was six-years-old, added: "Having that access to the library is marvellous and I just wanted to say I'm eternally grateful, to say a big thank you to the staff.

"I want them to know they have been a lifesaver to me. I want to to tell the world.

"I'm surely not the only one in this situation, in all the other libraries too. The library staff need know people really, really appreciate them.

"The lengths they've gone to in the pandemic to help people access books, is brilliant. I cannot praise them enough."

Staff at Wrexham Library were thrilled to hear Lynn's positive words.

Library assistant Garion Brooks said: "It’s been an absolute pleasure to know you’re providing a much-needed service to our customers in these strange and difficult times."

Library assistant Emily Ashworth said: "I feel I have enjoyed having a purpose during lockdown, so it’s a bonus to provide a service for someone else."

Nia Davies, library assistant, said: "This service has been beneficial for people of every age during lockdown and our customers have been very appreciative of being able to talk to someone when they collect their books, especially if they live alone."

Kelly Peters, library assistant added: "It has been lovely to receive so many positive comments and feedback as people have genuinely liked the books we have chosen for them.

"It has opened up new books and authors to them and they have been able to read something different."

Debbie Williams, Library Service Officer, said: "The pandemic has meant that libraries across Wales have had to change the way they work in order to keep customers and staff safe.

"Wrexham Library service has embraced this way of working in all libraries and we have received some very positive feedback.

"Our Order and Collect service is so popular, customers are asking for it to continue alongside of our browsing appointments and all of our online services.

"The staff have worked very hard to maintain a high standard of service and have enjoyed these new challenges."

• If your pandemic days have been made all the more bearable by your local library team, or you have a positive story to share, do get in touch - email