A WREXHAM mum said she was 'overwhelmed' by support from the community after opening up about the tragic loss of her 21-year-old son.

Declan Cameron Patterson-Jones was found dead at his home address in Bersham Road on June 26, 2020.

An inquest into his death in December that year recorded a conclusion of suicide.

The Leader recently reported how his mum Beverley, 53, described the heartache and difficulties which followed his death, and how she came to be involved in a project named Declan's Den.

The scheme is being run with Wrexham-based organisation Yellow and Blue and aims to reach out to people with suicidal thoughts, initially young people aged 11 to 18 in particular.

Following the story, Mrs Patterson-Jones said she received an outpouring of support from the community and parents for herself and for Declan's Den.

She said: "I have had some amazing messages and feedback.

"It made me cry, because no one likes to be reminded.

"It isn't something I have wanted to do, but I was very overwhelmed.

"When it happened, we were trying to get Declan's Den off the ground but there was no way of doing it because we were in a hard lockdown. "Our hands were completely tied - but Nia Lloyd (the project's youth ambassador) put her phone number out for people to contact her and up to now she's had about ten people get in touch, which is positive."

Mrs Patterson-Jones has urged people who may be struggling with their mental health to reach out for help - and she has encouraged those who may know someone in that situation to do the same.

She added: "It's a big thing that still isn't talked about - mainly with men. "Mental health is a big issue, and even though they're struggling they feel they have to 'man up'.

"But it doesn't know boundaries - a 12-year-old boy or girl could feel suicidal, and so could an 85-year-old.

"It's a big thing to stand up and say 'I am struggling' but I encourage people to take that first step. "Speak to family members, parents, carers, support workers, key workers - speak to Declan's Den. "I think understanding and having some empathy can go a long way when someone is in a dark world and they just need someone to lean on.

"Sometimes it helps just sharing the problem, and realising you're not alone and you don't have to fight it alone."

A lapel badge is now on sale in aid of Declan's Den.

Mrs Patterson Jones added: "It's yellow for mental health, green for suicide awareness and sparkly, because Declan loved shiny things and a shining star is what he is.

"It is available from Declan's Den, Yellow and Blue and the Happy Hedgehog for £3.50.

"All proceeds go back into Declan's Den."

For more information, search for Declan's Den and Yellow and Blue on Facebook.