THE jury has heard from murder-accused Barry Bagnall’s ex-girlfriend – Jennifer Crawford as his trial continues at Mold Crown Court.

Bagnall, 42, is charged with murdering Caia Park’s Terry Edwards, 60, at home last summer.

He also faces a perverting the course of justice charge.

Appearing before the court on June 9, Bagnall’s former partner gave evidence about their relationship and the days surrounding Mr Edwards death.

Miss Crawford says she knew Mr Edwards for 'a few years' before he died.

She told the court how she last saw him in person roughly in mid-February when she moved to Wrexham from the Mold area. She says she called at his flat in Pont Wen to say hello and let him know she had moved to Caia Park.

She did visit the flat on May 28 when passing by the street – but had no answer after knocking on his bedroom window.

What we have heard in the trial so far during week two...

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Terry Edwards, 60, was found dead in his home on Pont Wen, Caia Park last summer. [Image: Google Maps]

The jury was then told that Miss Crawford knew Bagnall for a matter of months before they started their relationship.

She told the court the pair spoke in early June – after the date it is believed Mr Edwards was killed.

She told of some ‘odd’ signs – such as him become agitated by the presence of a passing police car and suddenly abandoning his usual blue Nike trainers for a more ‘older’ pair.

Bagnall is said to have brushed off the concerns about his shoes, which Miss Crawford claimed he would wear 'all the time', telling her his daughter’s pet rabbit had chewed them up.

The court was drawn to the topic of the pink Huawei phone – that is linked to Bagnall’s charge of perverting the course of justice.

Bagnall is accused of asking Miss Crawford to lie to police officers about the phone which he gave her having previously offering it to Mr Edwards.

In court, Miss Crawford recalls damaging her own phone while on a walk with her dog. She told the jury Bagnall offered her a pink phone - but it needed unlocking first.

This happened around June 1, Miss Crawford confirmed.

She remembered the colour specifically as she says Bagnall is aware she is 'not the biggest fan' of pink so wasn't sure if she'd like the device.

The device was found by police investigating Mr Edwards death upon searching Miss Crawford's home.

It was found in a box along with her broken Samsung device.

She said Bagnall told her that he found the device lost at the back of a taxi - this was later found not to be the case.

The jury has previously heard that Bagnall found this phone on the streets of Caia Park, having been dropped by resident Michelle Butler. It also held her bank card within its protective case.

She said that Bagnall told her to lie about the device - asking her to tell police that the phone he offered her was purple rather than pink.

She refused and questioned Bagnall on why she needed to do this.

She discovered where the phone had actually come from and also said that she became aware the phone had previously been offered to Mr Edwards as part of an outstanding debt between the pair.

After being shown the device in court, Miss Crawford confirmed it was the same phone and was adamant that the phone is pink and not purple.

When cross examined in court, Miss Crawford denied being involved in the Wrexham drug scene – stating she had managed to clean herself up and gain full-time employment.

She told Mr David Elias, defending Bagnall, that she ‘wouldn’t be so stupid’ as to put her new life at risk by falling back into a bad crowd.

She had no issues with Bagnall spending time with Mr Edwards, saying he was a 'lovely man'.