MORE people who knew a Caia Park man, found dead in his home, have recalled the last moments they saw him.

The trial against Barry John Bagnall continued into its second week at Mold Crown Court today, June 8.

Bagnall stands accused of murdering 60-year-old Terry Edwards between May 29 and June 1 last year.

The forklift truck driver, of Trevenna Way, also faces a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The jury heard from Rebecca Price – who describes her and Bagnall as ‘friends with benefits’.

She told the court she had known Mr Edwards - the murder victim - for around a decade before his death.

She explained that she would visit his flat in Pont Wen on average once a week to take drugs with Mr Edwards and Bagnall.

The Leader: Terry Edwards was found dead at his home in Pont Wen, Caia Park. [Main Image: Google Maps / Inset Image: NWP Handout.]

Terry Edwards, pictured, was found dead at his home in Pont Wen, Caia Park last summer. [Main Image: Google Maps / Inset Image: NWP.]

When asked about her relationship with Bagnall, that spanned 15 years, she described them to the court as 'best friends and more' before using the term ‘friends with benefits’.

She admitted to the prosecutor that she has in the past had sexual encounters with Bagnall in the flat owned by Mr Edwards. The last time this occurred was in Mr Edwards' bedroom but was unable to pin down a specific date.

She said their sexual encounters ended once he started a relationship with another woman – who the court will hear from in due course.

Ms Price was questioned about the period of time when Mr Edwards was in a state of detox – this being just prior to the start of 2020.

She told the court that she would attend the flat daily during this period with Bagnall to keep the property clean but also took drugs together.

Here is a recap of what has been heard so far in this trial:

Day One: The trial opens against Barry Bagnall

Day Two: CCTV footage reviewed by the jury

Day Three: Jury shown the flat where Terry Edwards was killed

Day Four: Neighbours on Pont Wen recall night last seeing Terry Edwards alive

Ms Price confirmed that the pair had been given access to a key that opened the property. This was given to them by Mr Edwards.

Ms Price also confirmed having seen the pink Huawei phone previously with Bagnall that ties to his perverting the course of justice charge.

She said the phone was left with Mr Edwards by Bagnall because of an outstanding debt of money.

It was described as 'assurance' that Bagnall would return to collect the phone from Mr Edwards upon paying his debt.

Ms Price said she started seeing Bagnall 'less and less' since his new relationship started. She said the sexual element of their relationship ended immediately once he had a girlfriend.

Childhood friends of Terry Edwards were also called to the stand earlier in the day.

Both Dave Phillips and Mervyn Trow confirmed they had known Mr Edwards for many years and would also take drugs with him on occasion – specifically heroin.

They recalled when they last had encounters with Mr Edwards.

Mr Trow last saw him on May 29 – after exchanging one of his Xbox 360 controllers to Terry for a pack of heroin.

The jury previously heard from Mr Edwards' immediate neighbours – who raised the alarm about his disappearance.

They have also seen CCTV footage of the Caia Park area and digital reconstructions of Mr Edward’s flat where he was found dead.

More evidence will be heard in due course during the trial.