A COUNCILLOR has spoke of his disappointment after items for a raffle to raise money for inclusive playground equipment appear to have been stolen.

Cllr Gareth Baines has been raising money to purchase and install wheelchair swings to accommodate disabled children in the region.

As part of the fundraiser, Cllr Baines was organising a fundraiser event, with items and money being collected at Chirk's The Boathouse.

However, since the closure of the restaurant, items which were supposed to be used in the raffle appear to have been stolen.

“It’s very sad,” he said. “If they have been stolen, then it’s obviously low, but to steal from charity is very low. Irrespective of what the items are worth, the money is meant to be raised to allow disabled children to enjoy playgrounds.

“Organising the raffle hasn’t been easy, for people to use money from their own pockets.

“If they have been stolen, people must’ve known what they were for, because there were signs and posters all around The Boathouse showing what they were for, so people must have known who they were depriving.

“It’s not what the community of Chirk is about – I’m sure people here would be outraged if someone has stolen them.

Other items donated for the raffle at the restaurant have been returned, but two of the more expensive items are missing – the items in question are two bottles of scotch, including a gold label bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Since the closure of The Boathouse, the liquidator has told Cllr Baines the missing items have not been accounted for.