A POPULAR Caia Park chippy has gone up for sale - on eBay.

In a statement posted on their Facebook page, owners of the Caia Fryer based on the Queens Court complex on the estate, said the decision to close has been made for personal reasons.

The statement says: "Due to personal circumstances and some unforeseen circumstances I have taken the decision to halt trading.

The Leader:

Above: The Caia Fryer up for sale on eBay

"We are up for sale. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank, staff, who were all amazing, my wife, who is always amazing and of course you lot. Thanks for the support.

"Thanks for letting me be part of your community. I really hope someone from these parts takes this on. Get in touch. The place is ready to rock. Could do with someone's fresh energy. #UpThePark"

The chippy was opened in 2016 by Derek Hughes, a chef who once worked in a four-star hotel in the Scottish Highlands.

Speaking shortly after opening, he said: “I chose to come here as my partner is from here and it was a good opportunity to work right in the middle of a residential area, close to a true community.

“They can walk from their homes, not worry about parking, so footfall has been good.

“There are enough people living in Caia Park to keep us going.

“We enjoy good local support, a constant stream of people come here, the local football team come here and we really have been accepted into the local community.

“It is the friendliness of the people."

The link to the eBay page can be found here