A drunken woman bit through a police officer’s thermal trousers and threatened to “bite the nose off” another as they grappled with her in Wrexham police station.

Laura Marie Nicholas, 25, also spat in the face of an officer after she had been arrested outside a Flintshire pub on February 17, prosecutor Justin Espie said.

He told Flintshire Magistrates Court: “Just after midnight officers were called to a female causing problems after being ejected from the Black Lion pub in Buckley. She was outside banging on the windows and refused to leave.

“She was hardly able to stand and presented as though she was under the influence of a substance and refused to calm down.”

Nicholas, of Gloucester Road North, Liverpool 6, who had been visiting a friend, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly as well as obstructing and assaulting a police officer.

The Mold court heard she was arrested and put in a police vehicle. She had to be physically removed from the vehicle at Wrexham police station and was seen with white foam around her mouth.

Police decided to take her to the cells but Nicholas spat in one female officer’s face and they had to wrestle her to the ground while they tried to put a spit guard on her.

Nicholas tried to grab an officer’s taser and told her: “Go on, taser me bitch.”

Officers saw her bare her teeth and she told them: “I’m going to bite your f....ing nose off.” Mr Espie said she then bit through an officer’s reinforced thermal trousers causing a 2cm red mark on her leg.

Fiona Larking, defending, said Nicholas had been diagnosed with Aspergers, ADHD and depression and was taking medication.

“She rarely drinks and does not remember this incident at all,” she said.

Although 25 her “thinking skills” were much lower, said Miss Larkin. She was completely embarrassed by events and had no previous convictions. “She had too much drink and reacted badly,” she said.

The court heard Nicholas had been out drinking with a friend of her mother’s. “She wants to apologise to the two police officers and she acted out of character,” said Ms Larkin.

She said Nicholas was going to give up her Liverpool address and go to live with her mother in Leeswood.

Magistrates ordered Nicholas to pay £150 compensation to each police officer and £170 in costs. She was given a 12 month community order and magistrates imposed a three month curfew from 8pm until 8am.